Making the HCG Injections More Effective With Foods

Making the HCG Injections More Effective With Foods

Oils, carbs, and sugar have a negative reputation for fitness as they can easily cause weight gain. What you did not realize is that carbs can help your body. They are not similar to each other and, they also have different effects on the body. Note that the original protocol of the HCG diet permits Melba toast and breadsticks as a carb option.

Ensure that you have enough information on the carbs that help you lose weight and the options you should avoid during the HCG diet. If you are a health guru, be mindful of your carb intake to manage your sugar levels. The glycemic index of the food you eat determines how the body converts food into sugar and energy. It is essential to maintain healthy blood sugar throughout the HCG diet.

Note that not all carbs are unhealthy but, the HCG diet limits them to keep your calorie intake low. If you have an active lifestyle, carbs are better food choices to release extra fuel. Slow-digesting cabs are effective for weight loss but stick to the diet plan during the second phase of the HCG diet.

How Do Carbs carbs Affect the HCG Injections?

Eating unhealthy carbs during the HCG diet can interfere with the hormone. It can stimulate your appetite and increase your calorie intake. Avoid eating refined grains and sugary drinks because they can cause a rise in your blood sugar levels. They also link to obesity and weight-related diseases. Most of the foods that contain carbs are not advisable on the HCG diet. But, you can eat them during the first two days of taking your HCG injections.

The Slow-digesting Carbs

Complex carbs take more time during digestion. It enters the bloodstream slowly and prevents the spiking of blood sugar. It can provide energy and, it also contains fiber. Starchy vegetables contain complex carbs and, you can have them during the first two days of taking the HCG injections. Asparagus and zucchini also contain slow-burning carbs and, you can have them during the VLCD.

How to Make the HCG Injection More Effective with Foods?

  • Administer the HCG shots in combination with low-calorie foods. Opt for fresh and organic products to avoid interfering with the HCG.
  • When you eat, ensure to maintain proper food portioning. It helps you keep your calorie intake low and maintain the mechanism of the HCG.
  • Load more on slow-digesting foods to maintain satiety and curb cravings. Load more on healthy carbs during the loading days to prepare your fat stores.
  • Load more protein because it helps in maintaining your blood glucose over a lengthier period.
  • You can also eat oats because they have insoluble and soluble fiber that alleviate the clogging of your artery. Eating fiber-rich foods reduces cholesterol and boosts the effects of HCG.

Consume more on fresh and organic foods to stave off more pounds. Stick to the HCG diet food list and keep your calorie intake low. It helps in making the HCG more effective with the foods you eat. Maintain proper food sizes to avoid worrying about overeating. Administer the HCG every day and keep healthy food choices to improve digestion and metabolism.