HCG Diet


Most diet programs are promising weight loss to every dieter. However, most of them end up gaining weight again. HCG dieters are the ones who successfully lose weight. HCG diet protocol is well designed to keep off the weight forever. If you are gaining weight on your diet style, HCG is here to help you deal with it. There are proven ways to keep the weight gain away.

What are the factors that make a dieter gain weight?

  • The wrong mindset- Every success starts in the mind. There is a picture of success in the mind of each dieter. If you have the wrong mindset you will surely get the wrong result. Correct your mindset to avoid weight gain.
  • Restrictive diet- HCG is not a strict diet that would lead to deprivation. It is only strict in doing the VLCD. Each protocol is easy and must be followed for the success of the diet.
  • The lack of Motivation- Your motivation can incorporate your daily life. Motivation will push you through the diet duration. It will make you focus more on the change of the lifestyle.

After the HCG Injections duration, here comes the maintenance part. This is when you keep the weight loss forever. Every step and decision of this part is vital to your weight. Promote weight maintenance by doing extra light exercises. This is a good way to burn and balance calorie.

Maintain the hcg diet weight loss by:

  • Eating Protein- It promotes fullness and increases metabolism. Protein reduces the total calorie intake. The effect of protein may prevent the number of calories you consume. Choose the best HCG protein list in keeping the weight loss.
  • Weighing- It aids the maintenance of weight. Weighing keeps you aware of the progress and behaviors during the diet. Weighing is a personal choice. However, on HCG diet, weighing is a priority.
  • Zero carbs- Stopping the intake of refined carbs will stop the weight gain. It also prevents the weight from coming back. After the HCG diet, you will slowly introduce it again to your body. Make sure not to take too much. Be mindful of the carb intake. Follow each step and guide of the diet to successfully end the weight gain.
  • Stick to the diet plan- Bad habits can lead to weight gain. It regains weight more than what you have in the first place. Successful weight maintenance is reached in sticking to the track. Do the healthy eating habits and avoid cheat days. Weight loss is sustained by doing a consistent eating pattern.
  • Get enough sleep- A “goodnight rest” is healthy in keeping the weight. This is when the energy levels are up and the hormones are all in control. Weight loss control is done along with proper sleep. This is a way to control the overall health.