HCG Diet


HCG’s VLCD is sometimes tough to dieters who are not used to it. However, as time goes by, they are used to it already. Being at this stage is rewarding. This is done after the duration of VLCD. You made a lot of sacrifices and changes. You adopted a new eating habit and style. The hard work has been paid off by a great result. You rip the harvest of your sacrifices during the VLCD. This is the time to keep the weight off forever.

Many people are overweight because of excessive eating. It may serve as a lesson for you. I hope you understand the process of losing weight. It is the same as how much you take must be the same as how much is to be burned. Be aware of the efforts that you pushed for the weight loss. One way to maintain the weight loss on the hcg diet is to remind of the efforts. Recall all the sacrifices that you did just to reach the goal.

Simple tips in maintaining the weight

  • Choose fruit as a treat- treat thy self with fruits instead of chocolates. Choose to be healthy. Avoid treating yourself with sweets and other high-fat meals. You already learned a lesson from your experiences. You are already aware of the cause of bad eating habits.
  • Be aware of mealtime- Eat at the table. Know the exact time to eat meals or snack. Know the right time and know the right food to eat. Being aware of mealtime keeps you from eating in a wrong timing.
  • Avoid refined foods- Keep away from refined bread or pasta. These products are low in fiber and high in calories. They may cause negative side effects in the body.
  • Light exercise- Try to have at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. During the diet, you are only allowed 5 to 10 minutes of exercise. Maintain the weight loss by doing your light exercise double. This will help you boost your body. Be careful not to do it too much. It may cause starving and overeating.
  • Sleep 8 hours each day- Sleep has a vital role in our health. This is as important as eating healthy foods. Sleeping is good in the proper function of your whole being. Have enough sleep each day to avoid stress.
  • Do not buy bigger clothes- This is helpful in most dieters. If it does not fit, you have to lose weight again. The HCG has a guide for the second round of the diet.

The maintenance part of HCG diet is important for the body. It will help the body to get used to the new you. It will make sure that all the efforts will be paid off fairly.