When starting Phase 2 of the HCG you cannot jump right away at a fast pace. You have to introduce Phase 2 slow and safe. It is because your body is still new to the VLCD you cannot hit the start button right away. You have to make a healthy approach to Phase 2 to be able to maintain your health. You have to know the things that you can and cannot do. Follow the second phase of the HCG diet through the given protocol.

Consider cutting down your calorie intake as part of the rules. Follow every little detail of the diet protocol to be able to stay on track. If you have health conditions make sure that you talk to your doctor before starting the VLCD. Weight gain causes diseases because of the abnormalities it brings to your body. To be able to gain back your health you have to consider losing weight through the HCG diet.

How to maintain your health on Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

  • Be cautious of your health concerns

Make sure that you are aware of your conditions before starting the HCG diet. Do not step into the HCG diet if you have health concerns that need emergency medical attention. Take note that the HCG diet or the hormone is not a treatment for life-threatening diseases. It will just help to stave off weight-related diseases through weight loss. Seek medical attention right away in case of emergencies.

  • Do not end the HCG diet early

When you start having your HCG shots you have to finish them until the end. Do not quit having your shots to avoid health issues. Start slow and assess yourself every day. Make sure that you get the right dose of HCG to start seeing the progress of your weight loss. The main reason why you will feel like quitting is you are not seeing any progress in your weight loss. It’s because you fail to follow the protocol. Maintain a 500 calorie intake during the VLCD.

  • Achieve your small goals for long term results

Set a realistic weight loss goal regardless of how small it is. Accomplish your goal step by step to avoid pressure. Do things at a slow pace rather than rushing and end up failing. Rushing things out may interfere with the work of HCG. This makes you end up stagnant in your progress. The diet hormone is effective in reaching your small goals in a healthy way. You will be able to lose weight and reach your goal in a set period.

  • Keep a record daily

Keep a record of the foods that you eat as well as your daily progress. Weigh yourself every morning and record it to track your weight loss. When you have a record you will be able to recognize problems. The diet journal will help you make a room for progress. Do not forget to administer your HCG shots every day for greater weight loss. The HCG shot is responsible for maintaining your health while burning your body fats.