Is the HCG Diet Ideal for Elderly Obese Individual

Is the HCG Diet Ideal for Elderly Obese Individual?

The HCG diet is a weight loss regimen that uses a natural hormone to reset the metabolism. It is the typical weight loss option for obese individuals than going through a weight loss surgery. The HCG diet works for both men and women regardless of their body types.

Over the years, the HCG has proven for its promising results in weight loss. Combine the HCG injections with calorie cut down to shed pounds fast and safe. The question is; is the HCG diet ideal for older people?

The answer is YES. The HCG diet can help older individuals who wish to lose weight. There are testimonials in various HCG diet websites regarding elderlies who take the HCG diet for weight loss. The HCG works well in the body regardless of the HCG and, it has minimal to zero side effects.

Does Aging Causes Weight Gain?

As you age, your metabolic rate starts to slow down and, you gain weight faster than in your younger years. Weight gain is a response of your body to the changes in your hormones during aging. It is common in women during the menopausal stage. Another cause of weight gain as you age is an inactive lifestyle due to energy loss. Ensure you are having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle to control the effects of aging.

How the HCG Help Elderly Individuals in Weight Loss?

After age 50, the physical state changes due to hormonal imbalances and slowing down of metabolism. The HCG helps in increasing the metabolic rate for successful weight loss. You can shed pounds even without an exercise routine. The weight loss program does not require workouts which makes it an ideal weight loss for elderly individuals.

Does the HCG Diet cause Muscle Loss to Elderly People?

As you age, you also lose up to 8% of your muscle mass. It is why most older people have saggy skin. The HCG diet increases the growth hormone that is responsible for building your muscle mass. It allows your body to maintain muscles and breaks down excess calories. The HCG also increases testosterone levels which help in maintaining healthy muscle mass and a high metabolic rate.

How Many Calories Are Permissible to Elderly People on the HCG Diet?

You can follow the 500 calorie procedure of the program. The HCG diet has minimal to zero side effects as long as you follow the protocol. Combine it with a healthy lifestyle and daily shots of the injections. You can also follow the modern modification that allows 800 calories per day on the VLCD. But, this process may take longer to lose weight than the original protocol.

How to Increase Metabolic Rate on the HCG Diet

Get an adequate amount of sleep per day and eat protein-rich food choices. Incorporate some light activities to stave off excess calories and increase your muscle mass. You can incorporate walking into your daily routine. Reduce your stress levels to prevent abnormal weight gain.