Did you gain weight during pregnancy? If yes, you do not have to worry because it is normal. Weight gain happens because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy. For this reason, you can still lose weight through the HCG diet. Consider doing the weight loss plan after your breastfeeding period. Doing the HCG diet after pregnancy is a good idea but not when your baby is still dependent on you.

Is it safe to take the HCG shots when you are breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and HCG diet is fine when your child is not dependent on you. This is when your child can eat solid foods or when you stop nursing your baby. HCG is in large amounts in the female body during pregnancy and even after birth. This means that the HCG injections has no threat to your body. However, when you’re nursing a baby there are possibilities that side effects will come.

Most doctors will not permit doing the HCG diet along with breastfeeding period. It is because you will be eating fewer calories. The calories have only enough nutrients for you. Take note that you will only be having 500 calories per day which are enough for your body function and activities. The calorie cut-down will be hard for you to stick to when your baby is dependent on the nutrients you consume.

The breast milk and the HCG

During the breastfeeding period, Prolactin is active in your body. Prolactin is a hormone that signals your body to fill your breast with milk. You cannot stick to the 500 calories because you will need more nutrients for your baby. Eating less affects the milk supply which may also lead to a domino effect on the child who is dependent on you. The Prolactin will interfere with the work of the HCG in burning your body fats.

What will happen when you incorporate the HCG and breastfeeding?

The possible things that will happen when you incorporate the HCG diet while breastfeeding is you get hungry. You tend to be hungrier than normal because you need more calories. The calories you need is important for your body to produce milk. This will make you less likely to stick to the balanced diet for the HCG to start working.

Further concerns consider the work of HCG as a potential cleanser. It cleanses your body from toxins and chemicals from burned fats. This process can harm the baby because some toxins are released through the breast milk. For the safety of the child, you should longer before you can start with the HCG diet.

What will you do before you start the HCG diet after pregnancy?

You need to talk to your doctor about your weight loss plan during the breastfeeding period. It is not a good idea to do it right away because the caloric needs during breastfeeding are too great. Your doctor will recommend you wait for six months to 1 year. It is when your baby is ready for solid foods.