HCG Diet


Being overweight is unhealthy. It leads to many serious health problems. It may cause a wide range of diseases. The disease has a wide impact on a person. You may find hard to manage it by depending on your lifestyle alone. HCG, on the other hand, is designed for this special task. This is to targets abnormal fat that causes obesity. It has special work to suppress hunger as it uses the fats stores as energy in a very low-calorie diet. This is the reason why the HCG diet is safe in a VLCD. This is specifically created to help overweight patients who for long years suffer from their weight.

Move on from being overweight

Many of us do not like to talk about weight or weight loss. This is because we find it hard to reach. Instead of focusing on heavyweight, start to make things that have an impact. Step into HCG diet now. Create a weight loss goal in you that will impact obesity. HCG diet is a good diet protocol for the overweight patient. This is because it keeps patient healthy while on a rapid fat burning. Make a step by step goal and reach it slowly but surely. A small change has the possibility to be permanent. It is never too late to decide now because the HCG diet works rapidly if you follow the protocol.

How many calories do you need?

In the first Phase of the HCG diet, you need all the foods you want to eat. This is called the loading days. This will last for 2 days. You will start to have the HCG hormones while doing the loading part. The best food to load on is fatty foods. This is because you need to store up fats in the body so that it will be ready for the burning. Phase 2 of the diet requires 500 calories a day. This is somehow tough but this is needed. Make sure to load the exact dose of HCG hormones so that you will not feel hunger. Weight loss is a slow process but with HCG it will be faster. The only keys to surviving in the diet are patience and dedication. Plan a possible weight loss so that you can easily reach it. Do it one step at a time. Complete all the Phases of the HCG diet. Each part of the protocol has significance in your weight loss.

More Tips

  • Being healthy means leaving the carbs and sugar behind
  • Load more on water, fruits, and veggies
  • Stick to the Very low-calorie diet in Phase 2
  • Avoid heavy exercise (10 minutes’ walk is allowed)
  • Do not eat restaurants and stay away from processed foods