HCG Diet


Loading days on HCG diet will last for 3 days. This is designed to help your body prepare for the VLCD. Loading days will prepare your metabolism for the fat breakdown in the next phase. The 3 days loading allows gorging on high-fat foods. This is important because proper loading has a big part in the success of your weight loss. It is because your body is getting ready for the diet hormones. You need to have enough fats in your fat stores before you will start the VLCD.

How does the “loading days” help in the success of the HCG diet?

Loading days will help you handle the first few days of your VLCD. The large portions of healthy fats on your loading days will help you survive during Phase 2. It will also improve the work of the HCG in your body. Eat as many healthy fats as you want during your loading days. Take note that the loading days are not created for you to eat until you get sick. Your goal in this phase is to fill in your fats stores. This is for you to have enough fats that can be transformed as energy during your VLCD.

Tips to successfully do the loading days on HCG diet

  • Do not consume greasy or fast foods- You are allowed to load on fats but you have to choose the healthy fat choices. Do not load on fatty foods that have harmful food ingredients. There are many choices of healthy fatty foods you can have during your loading days. Greasy foods have negative effects in your body aside from weight gain. Eating this kind of food will develop your risk of heart problems and diabetes.
  • Keep your eyes on your goal of losing weight- You are doing the loading days, not for the purpose of satisfying yourself. But, you are doing this because you are preparing for your weight loss. Set your weight loss goal is your motivation why you have started your HCG diet.
  • Make sure that you are using the HCG- Start administering HCG Injections on the first day of your loading days. It will make sure that the HCG is in your system when you do the VLCD. HCG will help you reach your weight loss goal without constant hunger. Have an attitude that you will succeed. Being motivated by your weight loss goal will help you get through the phases of the HCG diet.