HCG Diet


Hunger is expected in the HCG diet. The hunger is normal in the first few days of the VLCD. Hunger on the HCG diet is totally not an issue in the beginning. This is a part of the body’s adjustment period. It will shift from eating too much to VLCD. Hunger is either physical or psychological. It is important to know the difference between the two. Make sure that you have been feeding the body the exact amount of food needed for the diet. Drinking water is one of the tips to avoid hunger and to stay long for the next meal. You can have sparkling mineral water with the guide on HCG diet food tips. Thirst can also be recognized as hunger. You have to see first if it is thirst or hunger to avoid overeating.

Grab something to eat if you feel physical hunger. There are allowed fruits on the HCG diet that can be used as a snack. This is to hold hunger until the next meal. Veggies and proteins are effective foods that can keep the body healthy and full. Have something in the fridge that you can grab easily in times of hunger. You can also split your HCG diet meals. This will able to make you have something to eat at any time of the day. The 500 calorie diet can be split into 5 portions so you can have 100 calories each serving.

An eating disorder is sometimes caused by stress or habit. This is a harmful act that may cause weight gain and nutritional deficiency. The unsolved problems, hectic schedules, and constant pressure can cause stress. If it is not solved it can affect the way of eating as well as the weight. Stress eating can be linked to an eating disorder. Each meal set must contain the HCG diet allowed foods. There are many food kinds that can help in relieving stress. Binge eating can be stopped slowly during the HCG diet. The VLCD can help in controlling the effect of stress on the body. It can also help in controlling the way of eating.

Each HCG dieters must continue to follow the reminders and guide of the diet. Each tip and process is important for the success of the diet. You cannot eat anything that has sugar and carbohydrates. Dieters must load on fibers that come from veggies and fruits. Drinking water can also help in dealing with hunger or eating disorder. Water can help in keeping the body full and clean.