HCG Diet


Is hunger being expected on HCG diet? How to deal hunger and cravings on VLCD? Hunger on HCG is not an issue. Some of HCG dieter only deals hunger occasionally. This is not an all-time issue that lasts in a long duration of the diet.  Hunger is determined either in the physiological or psychological stomach. There is a big difference between the two. If the hunger is psychological, then make a distraction. You can go out and take a walk or create something, etc. If it is Physiological, drink water or eat some celery. Make sure to feed the body if the blood sugar is low. Make a list of all the easy-grab foods on HCG.

How to stay away from Hunger On the HCG Diet?

  • Drink water- drink a big glass of mineral water to stay away from hunger. You may also drink sparkling mineral water. Hunger and thirst have the same signal in some cases. The body may feel that the signal for thirst is hunger.
  • Grab something to pick- Have some pickle. It is just a cucumber in vinegar. Enjoy a medium sized-pickle to stay away from hunger.
  • Protein and veggies- Pick some HCG approved meat and veggies. Eat it along with water or some celery. Make your food handy in the fridge for a purpose. If the hunger will go on it will lead to eating too much. This might take you out of the track.
  • Split the meals- Part your meals out. It is easy to control appetite if you will split meals. However, make sure to have the 500 calories for the whole day. You can split meals into two or more. Most of the dieters consume their calories in one meal and do fasting for the rest of the day.

Check your meal and make sure it is sugar-free. Sugar can sometimes activate hunger in our body. Make sure to eat and drink enough. This will supply the body some nutrients. This will help the HCG hormones to function well inside. Make sure to take HCG Injections at the same time each day. The exact amount of HCG cannot lead to hunger. Be satisfied with your meal to avoid hunger pangs.

What is IMMUNITY on HCG diet?

This is the state when the body has adapted the hormones in the body. It is when you have to stop the HCG shot. Take a long break so that the body will have time to burn abnormal fats that are left. Wait out for a week when you have the same level of hunger. Immunity is when your body has reached the metabolic point of the weight. The moment you feel immunity, you may proceed to Phase 3 of the hcg diet.