HCG Diet


When is a very low-calorie diet applicable? This is only suitable for those who are overweight. VLCD is for those obese individuals who struggled to lose weight. VLCD on HCG is to cure the people who eat healthily but does not lose weight. This is not allowed to children. A very low-calorie diet is also not allowed for those who suffer from life-threatening diseases. VLCD is not safe to follow because of the low caloric restrictions. This can harm the health and the state of the body of a person. However, VLCD with the HCG hormones is totally safe. This is because the HCG hormones will take care of the body as it burns weight. VLCD must be done along with the H CG hormones. This is an extreme but safe diet protocol that has been helping people.

Before starting the VLCD and HCG diet make sure that you are ready. VLCD is not just a preparation of the physical state of a person. This is also a preparation of the emotional, physiological and overall being of a person. This is only recommended by the prescription of a doctor. The HCG diet is guided by the protocol along with the hcg diet experts. That is why we can assure safety diet of the duration of the VLCD. It does not cause any hunger at all because of the HCG hormones.

The VLCD on HCG does not just come in a food restriction. This is also a state where you can start to transition the lifestyle. It will help a dieter to let go of the old eating habits and lifestyle. These are the common things that you need during your diet.

  • HCG diet food list- before starting the diet, you have to go shopping. Buy all the needed things especially the foods. See to it that you have the exact food choices that are allowed in the diet. Remember that each food choices must not contain sugar or carbs.
  • Kitchen wares and weighing scale- You may see these things less important. However, on the VLCD of the HCG diet, this is the most vital things needed. The kitchen wares must be in small size for you to be very careful of the food portion. The weighing scale for food and the body is able to help you track the weight. It can also track the cause of weight loss or gain.
  • HCG diet kit – Obviously you cannot start the diet without the main thing. See to it that you have the original HCG diet hormones. Be careful of the fake products that are sold cheaper in the market. The HCG diet kit must be completed in accordance with the duration of the diet. Make sure not to miss any dose of the injections.