Eating healthy meals is fundamental to good health. Good nutrition can help you lose weight during the HCG diet. Shift your unhealthy food choices to new food swaps. To maintain the 500 calorie intake per day, make sure to combine it with your HCG injections. Maintain proper nutrition by making healthy meals from organic and fresh products.

There is always a way to satisfy your cravings without gaining weight. Instead of digging into pizza, bacon, and ice-cream, you need to make a meal plan. Switch your habit and turn to a healthier way of eating. The more unhealthy ingredients you add to your daily meals, the more you are at risk to develop diseases.

How make your meals healthy during the HCG diet?

  • Do it yourself- The foods you get from a restaurant don’t guarantee to be a healthy one. You are also not sure if it is safe or clean to eat. Instead of eating in restaurants, make your meal at home. Cook fresh vegetables and lean protein to ensure healthiness. When you do cooking at home, you can make sure that it is fresh and clean.
  • Balance your meal- fruits and vegetables are nutritious but it does not mean that you can eat as many as you want. Learn how to balance your meals to get the right portion size from each food group. Have enough vegetables, fruits, and lean meat on your plate. It is a good way to balance out the vitamins and nutrients essential for your health.
  • Avoid frying your food- The use of oil, butter, and other greasy foods is not allowed during the HCG diet. You cannot enjoy your favorite deep-fried foods such as potato fries and chicken nuggets. Make a healthy food swap by grilling, broiling, or steaming your food. These new ways of cooking retain the nutrients of the food which makes it healthier.
  • Eat a high-protein food– Protein is an important nutrient for your body. It helps limit your intake of high-calorie foods. It can curb hunger and maintain fullness until your next mal. Protein also is vital in bone and muscle health. Balance your protein meal with fiber and other essential nutrients for weight loss.
  • Avoid carbohydrates to shed pounds- Foods that high in carbs can ruin your HCG diet because it interferes with the hormone. It can cause an energy spike which can result in stimulation of your appetite. Eating carbs can reduce your fullness which makes you crave more. Replace carbs with fresh fruits and vegetables during your HCG diet.

While taking HCG shots, there are limitations that you need to follow to make it work. One of the restrictions is to stick to healthy meals. It does not just help in weight reduction but also in dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. The 500 calorie diet is intimidating at first but when the HCG works, you will feel normal and as if you are not dieting. It’s because you feel less hunger and improve energy.