How to do the HCG Diet


How you have decided to effectively lose weight. You have to know the HCG diet created by Dr. Simeons. This kind of diet is already proven to be a safe method. This will help you reach your weight loss goals. The Protocol of the HCG diet is simple. Follow exactly the order to see the weight loss. The first thing to do is to make sure to have the things needed.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor. This will make sure that you have the prescription. Make sure to avail the FDA approved HCG Injections. Plan when you want to start the diet. Complete the diet course. Feel free to avail the foods that the HCG diet allows. Organic foods are the best choice for food. You must have your chosen diet supply. Instructions on how to use are provided in the package. Follow the right mixing procedure of the HCG. Get your materials ready and be committed on the diet.

This Phase, you will begin to take the HCG. This is the time to load up foods. Now is the time to select the HCG supplement that you decided to use. Most people find the supplement helpful to curb the craving. After the first phase, you will start to take the 500-calorie diet. The list of the recommended foods is available. This will be the time to have the HCG diet with the food that you choose. HCG diet is fast and consistent. This is the most effective way to lose weight.

The Three Phases of the HCG diet

The significant weight loss has three Phases. These Phases can help you attain your weight loss goal. During the diet course, you are only allowed to have 500 calorie intake a day.

  1. Loading Phase– Take HCG and eat plenty of high calorie and fat meals for two days. This Phase is when you load up until you get full.
  2. Weight loss Phase– HCG is to be used continuously. This time you are only allowed to have 500 calories per day. Phase two is done in 3 to 6 weeks.
  3. Maintenance Phase– This is the part where you will stop taking HCG. You will slowly increase the food intake. However, you still have to avoid starch and sugar for 3 weeks.

The weight loss phase only allows two meals per day. The meal is usually lunch and dinner. Each meal has a part of a lean protein, fruit, bread, and veggies. The list of approved foods will be provided. It has the exact amount. HCG diet does not allow butter, sugar, and oils. Drink a lot of water. You can also have coffee and tea. However, you have to make sure that it is sugar-free.