The protocol of the HCG diet is originally planned and designed by Dr. Simeons. The original plan of the HCG diet involves 500 calorie intake. Along with the VLCD is the maintenance of the daily shots of HCG for greater weight loss. The HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. The hormone is present in both men and women that allow you to reduce pounds safely and naturally.

What is the original protocol of the HCG diet?

The original protocol of the HCG involves only 500 calorie intake during Phase 2 along with a daily shot of the hormone. It is carefully designed to help in boosting weight loss. The original plan is careful with food selection, daily dose, and calorie consumption. The original protocol of the HCG diet follows fully to the plan created by Dr. Simeons.

What is the modern approach to the HCG diet?

The modern approach of the HCG diet is already a revised version of the original HCG diet plan. The modern HCG approaches always center on changes to the foods you eat. It also changes the daily calorie intake during the Very Low-Calorie Phase. Rather than having 500 calories daily, you can are allowed to eat more foods. This means that you can include in your meal even the foods that are not allowed when you follow the original phase.

The benefits of the original protocol of the HCG

  • It is not lengthy compared to the modern approach

On the original approach of the HCG diet, you will only be spending 3 to 6 weeks in Phase 2. You have to follow the 500 calorie restrictions every day for greater weight loss. This is not like the modern protocol which focuses more on adding your foods rather than prioritizing the work of HCG.

  • The HCG can work fats and direct in burning our body fats

The HCG can work straight to your body fats because of the low-calorie intake. It completely shifts your body to a fat-burning stage. The original protocol sticks to limited food selection that works along with the HCG.

  • The original protocol promotes a strict and balanced meal

The original protocol helps your body gets the needed nutrients to form the food you eat. The strict and balanced meal is not to deprive you of eating. The purpose of this is to help you get a balanced diet. The calories you will be eating are just enough calories that your body needs for the entire day.

The original and modern protocol of the HCG diet

The two approaches of Phase 2 of the HCG diet differ in calorie allowance per day. However, it can both lead to a successful weight loss. The modern protocol may take longer than the original approach but it is still effective. Hunger can occur in both approaches but the original version causes less hunger. The two approaches can burn your body fats the same way on how it works but the result is different. However, both protocols work properly and safely in reaching your weight loss goal.