HCG Diet


The benefit of high-protein meal plan is for rapid weight loss. This can help in the HCG diet. It keeps the stomach full that allows curbing hunger and cravings. This is beneficial to both men and women. In the maintenance phase, a high-protein meal is important. This can be done best along with exercise. High-protein meals are also recommended by bodybuilders for the health of the muscle. The HCG protein meal is needed to meet the daily requirements of protein that are needed for the body.

The high-protein meal will reduce the carb intake that has its own benefits. It improves the energy for better health for the heart. This is a nutritious meal that helps a dieter and even the ordinary people. This will help you in exploring healthy food and protein recipes. This can integrate the weight loss meal plan.

High-Protein Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Excess calories are always there. After the HCG diet, you can possibly gather excess calories. To avoid such situation, you have to eat more on fiber and proteins. Excess calories can cause weight gain which is not good for the body after the weight loss. Excess calories are burned through exercise and the exact meal to burn calories. The intake of high-protein meals can stimulate appetite. Thus, makes the body load or crave less. This will make the body burn fats even after the calorie restriction. The suggested amount of protein needed for weight is 120 grams.

Follow the high-protein meals that provide energy for the body. These are the foods that do not cause you to gain weight instead, it burns excess calories. Here are some of the high-protein food lists that you can have in maintaining the weight.

  • Whole chicken and ground turkey
  • Lean ground beef, pork tenderloin
  • Tuna and salmon fish
  • Greek yogurt, eggs, soy, and peanut butter

This is not the complete list of high-protein food. However, the list may help you as a reference for your meal choices. See to it the protein choice is fat-free. Before starting the entire HCG diet, seek for medical advice. After the medical checkup, you will know how many calories you have to cut down for you. The HCG diet assures the safety of the diet process. This has been proven by thousands of dieters for many years. The high-protein diet can be your meal choice guide for maintenance. For better result ask for help and advice to diet experts for successful weight maintenance.