When you prepare your foods by yourself, you control the ingredients you add. You can ensure that you eat fresh and healthy meals. Cooking your food makes you feel healthier. You do not need great skill in culinary to cook your meals on the HCG diet.  It’s just a matter of choosing the correct method to avoid mistakes.

Cooking methods that are permissible during the HCG diet

On the HCG diet, you cannot use cooking oils. Adding oil and butter to your meal leads to weight gain. There are plenty of ways on how to cook your food during the HCG diet. You can try the following:

  • Boiling. It is a cooking method that uses boiling water as a means to cook foods. You can do it with vegetables and meats.
  • Simmering. It is done in low heat and allows the food to cook with a liquid in a pot.
  • Broiling. Set your oven to broil and allow the food to cook with the heat on top. Wait when your food turns golden brown before serving it.
  • Steam. One of the simplest methods of cooking. Put your meal on the steamer and allow the hot liquid to cook it.
  • Grilling. It is common in barbeque. Allow your food to cook with coal underneath. Grilling is a way of cooking foods on an open flame.

Tips in cooking foods on the HCG diet

  1. Use fresh ingredients. You can add organic spices and herbs instead of the pre-packed products. Avoid canned products because they contain preservatives and additives. Fresh foods provide the best taste than processed items.
  2. Avoid cooking oils. Using oil in cooking can damage a healthful meal. Consider the heat of the oil when it begins to smoke. It produces toxins that degrade the nutritional value of your food. Avoid products that contain oil, butter, and grease.
  3. Limit your salt. In addition to canned goods, you cannot eat foods that contain lots of salt. Adding too much salt leads to a weight-loss stall. It is also harmful to your kidneys.
  4. Do not overcook your food. Overcooking can cause a health risk. It also lowers the nutrients that you get from your meal. It is better to serve food fresh or half-cooked. Overcooking can ruin valuable nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. Cook enough foods for you to avoid eating too many calories.

What is the cooking ware to use during the HCG diet?

The HCG diet protocol does not specify the cooking wares that you need to use. Avoid using your pan or other utensils for frying. Stick to cooking wares for boiling, grilling, or steaming your foods. Ensure that the cooking wares are clean and have no grease.

One of the most vital things on the HCG diet is cleanliness. It will keep you healthy. Clean your foods before cooking to remove bacterias. Allow running water to rinse the foods and your cooking wares. It is vital to clean your surrounding before you prepare your meals to avoid diseases. Wash your dishes after using and store them in a dry area.