HCG Diet


Losing weight is just about the foods that we load. It has something to do with spices and seasonings. How would you endure a tasteless diet meal? Stop yourself from getting bored from boring diets. Using spices to lose weight is an easy step to endure the diet. Eating boring and tasteless meals is one cause that a dieter will stop dieting. HCG diet has chosen some spices and seasonings that are safe for the diet. Lighten up your snack and meals and make it taste good.

Difference between Seasoning and Spice

Seasonings are the ones that are added to the food for flavor. Spices are plant-based that are used to flavor seasoned food. Seasoning and spices are far different. Seasoning is the process of adding spices, salt, and herbs to enhance the flavor. Spices are the one that is used to flavor foods such as peeper.

Here are the lists of the allowed ingredients for the weight loss:

  • Cinnamon- This is one of the favorites and easiest spices to use. Cinnamon is commonly used by the HCG dieters. This is added to the coffee, apples or your diet smoothies. Cinnamon can influence blood sugar levels. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases glucose metabolism.
  • Turmeric- This is a spice used in curry dishes. Turmeric has various health benefits. Turmeric is known for reducing the buildup of fat tissue. It works by suppressing the blood vessel that forms fat tissue. It helps the HCG hormones in expelling fats out of the body.
  • Ginger- It is a spice that has thermogenic properties. This is known as the warming spice. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice. It soothes and relaxes the digestive tract and intestines.
  • Cumin- This spice helps in the digestion and production of energy. It has also properties that improve the glycemic process. This is beneficial in those with diabetes or pre-diabetic situation. Cumin has also the property to support the memory. It is also used for years in medical purposes. This spice has an anti-stress benefit.
  • Chili-powder- Another spice that is common to everyone is the chili. This will put your world on fire. Kidding! It will burn fats and raise metabolism. Chili-powder helps the digestion and natural appetite suppressant.
  • Black-pepper- This is less appreciated but has a great benefit. It has a distinct flavor that burns calories. It burns calories like a 20 minutes’ walk. Pepper increases the absorption of nutrients from foods and spices.

These are just some of the major examples of HCG allowed ingredients. These can be used in many different ways. It will help you explore more on HCG diet recipes. This will spice up your diet meal. End up eating tasteless foods and start cooking the HCG diet meal.