The HCG diet has a specific limit of calories. It happens in phase 2 of the diet. There are instructions in doing the VLCD. It includes the exact amount of protein, veggies and fruit options. You will be the one to create your own diet meal. Your food choice and portions are according to the 500 calorie diet. Calculate each possible calorie of the food before eating. Your protein must be weighed raw and all the visible fats must be taken off. You can adjust each portion sizes in order to get the calorie requirements. Vegetable intake is not limited in Phase 2. However, you are not allowed to mix different kinds of veggies. The same rule with the HCG diet fruits.

Include the veggies and fruits in your HCG diet food tracker. This will make the diet even easier. You can have vegetables and fruits anytime you want. However, I will suggest loading more on veggies. Big size of fruit has more calories than vegetables. The vegetables that are often used in the HCG diet are spinach and cabbage. You can also choose beet-greens, tomatoes, celery, radish, cucumber, and asparagus. These vegetables are rich in fiber that is helpful in digestion and metabolism.

All things that are listed on the HCG diet food lists are good for the body. Do not load on the items that are not allowed on the diet. There are also guides on how to load on the specific amount of each meal. These things can help in enhancing the work of the HCG diet. You need to be aware that there are also things that can sabotage it.

What can you get from fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and veggies are food for better health. It helps in lowering the case of obesity and other condition. It maintains normal blood pressure and sugar levels. This is because it contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial. Keep an easy to grab snack-size of fruits in the fridge. This will help you if you feel hungry. It is good to eat veggies and fruits in raw or semi-cook. This is because it has the best nutrients when it is cooked that way. Overcooking the veggies can cause nutrient loss. Fruits and veggies have different nutrients. People usually enjoy it if it is visually appealing. That is why you have to serve it the way it must appeal. Enjoy your fruit and vegetable meal in the table. Avoid eating too many sweet fruits. Most of the fruits have natural sugar on it. Check it first before you are going to eat it.