HCG Diet Food Substitute to Your Five Unhealthy Favorite Treats

HCG Diet Food Substitute to Your Five Unhealthy Favorite Treats

Understand the benefits of healthy foods to your health. Lack of food knowledge can result in resorting to unhealthy treats every day to satisfy hunger. There is nothing wrong when you indulge now and then if you can burn them through exercise. Nonetheless, it can still cause weight gain. Weight problems occur when you eat loads of foods without having time to burn them.

Food indulgences can cause unhealthy habits and obesity. The HCG diet does not permit processed foods because they can interfere with your progress. Avoid eating sugar, carbs, oils, and foods that contain loads of salt. It increases your risk of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.  Ensure to have a healthy substitute for your food indulgences during the HCG diet.

Here are Five Unhealthy Foods and Their Substitutes on the HCG Diet

#1- Ice Cream

It is a sweet and refreshing treat. But it contains loads of sugar, additives, and calories that ruin your health. Eating ice cream every day can displace the essential nutrients in your body. It increases cholesterol and blood sugar. Icecream has loads of saturated fats that can trigger obesity-related diseases.

 What is the alternative to ice cream?

You can eat unsweetened and non-fat yogurt because it has a similar creaminess to ice cream. But, during the VLCD, yogurt is not advisable because it can cause weight gain.

#2- Doughnuts

Similar to ice cream, doughnuts also contain fats and sugar. Your favorite glazed doughnuts contain 200 to 300 calories each. It is a delicious treat but, it can also cause obesity. Substitute it with Melba toast to gain energy throughout the day. Melba toast and breadsticks are permissible carbs during the second phase of the HCG diet.

#3- Potato fries

It is unhealthy because they contain salt and saturated fats. French fries are a typical side dish in several restaurants but, they are not permissible during the HCG diet. Also, avoid reaching a bag of chips when you are hungry because it contains loads of calories. Substitute potato fries with vegetables to improve your weight loss. You can have chopped carrots, lettuce, and zucchini. These are filling foods that boost your weight loss.

#4- Fried chicken

Fried chicken is a typical treat in restaurants that contains high levels of saturated fats. When it comes to dining out with friends, fried chicken is always on the menu. The salty and spicy taste of the coating can stimulate your appetite and indulgences. Substitute fried chicken with steamed or boiled chicken breast. Remove the visible fats before cooking. You can also grill some chicken breast and put some garlic powder or pepper to taste.

#5- Processed meat

If you are a fan of processed meat, cut them during the second phase of the HCG diet. Processed meats contain preservatives, salt, enhancers, and other chemicals that improve their flavor and longevity. Eating loads of processed meat every day can cause cancer. Substitute it with lean meats to boost your satiety. You can eat chicken breast, beef, tuna, shrimp, lobster, and crabmeat.