HCG Diet


Diet is all about cleansing the body from all toxins. It is about washing out all the unhealthy things that are caused by unhealthy foods. The HCG diet burns stubborn fat rapidly. It is done along with the VLCD. The cleansing is an optional choice. You can do it safely even if the HCG hormones are active in the body.  The cleansing has the capability to melt fats and cleanses the body. The cleansing process has 1 lemon on your water. This is mixed in the water and you can drink it. If you want it to taste sweet you can add stevia as sweetener. This is a safe way of helping the HCG hormones in taking off fats from the body.

The cleansing will help in lowering the high blood sugar. It also helps in balancing the nutrients and other vitamins for the body. This is a simple process to follow.  You can do the cleansing in 2 to 3 days each week. During the days of cleansing, you also have to do some personal discipline with foods. You will start to do what is in the diet guide. You have to cut down the caloric intake. Do not eat anything that has sugar and carbs. The dieter is encouraged to eat whole foods such as veggies and fruits. This can lower the intake of unhealthy ingredients that are found in processed foods.

You can also enjoy a fresh squeezed orange juice in your diet. Take note that you are not allowed to have sugar at any amount. You have to stay away from sugar and carbs for the entire diet duration. The master cleansing allows calorie that follows the caloric requirement of the HCG diet. This will help in proper metabolism and bowel movement.

To lose weight rapidly it is important to follow the diet protocol. You can do other things however; it must not get out from the limitation of the HCG diet. The HCG diet cleansing is a choice and is not a part of the original protocol of the HCG diet. Lemon is one of the allowed things in the HCG diet. You can create a lemon juice with stevia to make your own blend of lemon juice. See to it that the lemon is fresh from the market. This will help you replace the unhealthy sodas in your system. Lemon can also be used as an additional food flavoring in some HCG diet recipes.