This article will discuss a dieter’s attitude towards food. This is not about the table or eating etiquette. This is all about the etiquette towards eating. Sometimes we respond to life situation through eating. Eating is a common response to stress, craving, and tiredness. The effect afterward is really damaging in the diet. It is uncontrollable and helpless. Then, we end up loading our mouth with unhealthy foods.

Are you really hungry?

You have to assess first yourself. Be clear about what you feel. Sometimes thirst is misunderstood as hunger. Determine the physical hunger and emotional ones. If you feel like you are hungry; that is just a feeling. Be careful about the emotional hunger. It will lead to overeating in response to a craving. Only eat when you are really hungry. Load on the healthy foods that are allowed in the HCG diet. Make sure to eat mindfully. If hunger is in the emotion, you have to find ways to be busy. Activate your happy hormones by dancing. You can also do enjoyable stuff like strolling around.

Plan your meals for the whole week

Planning can help you avoid from getting outside. You will avoid eating in the restaurant. Purchase your groceries a week before you will do the VLCD. Take time to plan meals. It will lower the risk of slipping. Count the calories for each meal that you create. Be careful with your food choices. Choose food that is beneficial for your health. Stay away from the foods that are the answers to your craving. To be specific: Choose organic foods as much as possible. Deal with food cravings by using the right seasonings. Cravings are sometimes the search for a taste. You crave because you find the food tasteless already. This is the time to spice up your meal. Cook something that is satisfies the craving and HCG-friendly.

Manage your Mindset with foods

Most of the foods taste delicious but are poor in nutrients. Be wise enough to choose what’s best for your health. On HCG diet it is important to focus on the health over emotions. Do not always think about food or your weight. It is very stressful at times. The only thing you can do to forget food is not to think of it at all. There are still lots of things to devote on.

  • Do not think about the way you look, your weight or food
  • Do not eat in secret—do not cheat
  • Check the calories or everything that you load on
  • Be accountable for your choices
  • Choose nutritious food—go for organic ones
  • Do not starve yourself—do not skip meals
  • Eat not because you are craving—eat because you need nutrients