Good Eating Habits


Be a model for yourself. Choose a healthy eating habit. Influence your loved ones to be in a healthy lifestyle. They may not join you in doing the HCG diet. At least they will join your healthy eating habits. This is one way to make you comfortable while you are on the VLCD. Healthy eating habit is vital in the HCG diet. Healthy food and lifestyle will help the work of HCG hormones in the body.

One way of healthy eating in HCG is portion control. You have to cut down fats and sugars. You also have to control portions of starch. These are simple ways of reducing the fat intake. It also promotes healthy HCG diet weight loss. Your food serving must be:

  • Fat-free products
  • Lean meats with a certain amount
  • Sugar and carb free snacks
  • Fruits and Vegetables

You also need to stay away from sweetened drinks. You are only allowed to have unlimited sugar-free tea and coffee. HCG diet lifestyle allows you to love water than any other unhealthy drinks. Maintain the calorie restrictions and avoid cheating.

  • Proper food choices– Guide yourself rather than dictating of the foods you want to eat. Do not be overcome by your “will power”. Instead, think of the “why power”. Why do you choose to lose weight? Why do you need to have a healthy eating diet? This will be your basis for choosing food choices.
  • Eat slowly– You are not in a race. Eat your meal slowly and enjoy every bite of it. Eating slowly will help you detect hunger and fullness. It will give the brain a time to register fullness. You may eat together with your family. Eating together is fun. You may open healthy topics. Talk to them and share good things. This will also help you eat slowly. You will focus on the healthy talks rather on loading foods.
  • Plan for snacks– You will be the one to prepare your snacks. HCG has various lists of delicious snacks. They are diet-friendly and safe. Make nutritious snacks. Load them up with nutritious HCG-friendly foods. Measure each serving that you are going to eat. Eat light and burn fats rapidly. Encourage everyone to choose healthy eating habits.

Pay attention to the ingredients and portion size- This has a big impact on the diet. Once you slip off, you are prone to failure. Be aware of the portion sizes of each meal you are going to eat. Read food labels and make sure they are fat, sugar or carbs free. Some food ingredients may sabotage the working of HCG hormones. Choose to eat organic foods. Stay away from processed food. They have additional chemicals that harm the body. Make sure to have fresh food choices such as vegies and fruits.