HCG Diet


The VLCD during the HCG diet is the challenging thing you will likely ever do to lose weight. HCG diet works when you put effort and dedication to it. During the P2, you are only allowed to have 500 calories per day. You may find yourself craving foods that are not allowed during the VLCD. Hunger is normal in the first few weeks of the VLCD. However, it will be gone as soon as the HCG will successfully reset your metabolism.

There are many ways to stave off food cravings and repetitive hunger. You do not have to cheat to solve hunger. There are healthy foods you can choose to aid you during hunger. Food cravings will ruin your weight loss when you do not know how to deal with it. You can have various tips to deal with cravings without depriving yourself.

There is a difference between dealing with food cravings and self-deprivation. Dealing with food cravings is finding a means to end cravings through healthy eating habits. Self-deprivation, on the other hand, is stopping you from eating. This will eventually cause nutrient deficiency. The nutrient deficiency will cause weight loss delay or rapid weight gain.

Tips to get through cravings on P2 of the HCG diet

  • Divide your intake of calories

Eating your 500 calorie meal at once, you will likely feel hungrier for the entire day. However, if you will split it there are a better amount of foods throughout the day. You can eat small amounts or 100 calories per serving throughout the day. Divide your intake of calories into 5 portions which come out into 100 calories each. Drink water, coffee or tea during breakfast and have an apple in between meals. Your stomach will feel less hunger pain when you continue to do this meal technique.

  • Eat the foods that are filling and has low calorie

Fruits and vegetables are very filling and have low-calorie foods. One of the most filling vegetables is lettuce. You can eat as much lettuce as you want as long as you watch out for your intake of calories. Fruits and vegetable can be an incredible meal that can keep you full for the whole time. These healthy food choices will help you stay on your diet without starving. Filling foods are excellent food choices for greater weight loss. The foods that contain fiber and protein are very filling. You can find these on your HCG diet food list. Remember that you are not allowed to mix vegetables in one meal setting. Fruits and vegetable can as well curb cravings from sugar and other unhealthy foods.

  • Drink extra water

Water keeps your stomach full even if you do not eat too much food. You can stave off hunger as soon as you drink water whenever you feel hungry. Drinking water in every meal will help you get full faster and save calories for the later in the day. It can also aid in natural weight loss and it flushes out toxins from the parts of your body. Water can help you shed water weight and stops bloating and various causes of weight gain. It can also help you cut down your intake of calories.

  • Drink tea or coffee

You can also enjoy tea because it is an appetite suppressant. It is particularly great to end cravings or hunger. Tea is as filling as water and you can have it as much as you want during the VLCD. Tea helps boost your focus and ends high-stress levels. High-stress levels cause natural weight gain and emotional eating. Coffee as well is a metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. This is also helpful in curbing hunger and staves off cravings. Just make sure you drink plain coffee and tea because sugar can cause weight gain.

  • Distract yourself to avoid eating in response to food cravings

Do something that would prevent you from eating. One good thing to do in case of food cravings is to take a short walk. Walking is a light activity that helps you avoid eating. This is also a means that through walking you can burn extra pounds. Remember that food craving is just a product of your mind that would make you eat too much. You will likely eat too many unhealthy foods to respond to food cravings. The usual duration of food cravings usually lasts for 20 minutes.

  • Determine the cause of your hunger/cravings

Most of the case, the root of hunger and cravings are often hard to determine. Most of the time you feel too much hunger and you need to feed your body any kinds of food. Hunger is a signal that your body needs food. But, repetitive hunger and cravings are caused by emotions. Hunger is also caused by improper loading of unhealthy foods. Stress can as well trigger cravings. It will just be gone as soon as you indulge in unhealthy foods. This will right away lead you to rapid weight gain. To stave off cravings, stick to the P2 way of loading. The right dose of HCG shot can help you deal with cravings.

  • Eat healthy foods when you are truly hungry

First of all, you have to avoid hunger by eating on time. Do not skip your meals to avoid hunger pains. Meals are important to sustain the nutritional needs of your body during weight loss. Healthy foods are filling and helpful for greater weight loss. Proper loading and proper portion of healthy foods can meet up the nutritional needs of your body. Healthy meals are also a jumpstart in boosting your metabolism. Healthy foods as well as fuel the HCG for fat burning.

  • Load more on protein

High-quality protein is usually found in lean meats. Lean meats are filling and have low levels of calories. It can also aid in rapid fat burning and building muscular vitality. High levels of protein can stave off hunger and cravings. It is also helpful in preventing bone loss. High-protein meal lowers your appetite and helps in controlling hunger during the HCG diet. Lean meat keeps you full longer and prevents cravings from coming back.