HCG Diet


Nothing can be more frustrating than hitting a weight loss stall on your diet.  It may come any time during your weight loss. Weight stalls may come no matter how dedicated you are as a dieter. It is when your body stops from losing weight. Weight stall is caused by the foods that you have been eating. You might load on to foods that have ingredients that can stop your weight loss. There are also weight stalls that are caused by water retention. Be familiar with your diet protocol to at least avoid weight stalls.

What are the common reasons of weight loss stall on HCG diet?

  • Eating on restaurants and food chains– Eating out are not safe during your weight loss. It is because the foods that you are going to eat have ingredients that affect your weight loss. Dine at home and cook your own meal to be safe from food ingredients that causes weight stall.
  • You fail to do the food portioning– Eating too much can either cause weight gain or weight stall. Make sure to have a proper portion of foods in each meal settings.
  • You have loaded processed foods– The chemical content of the processed foods has a big impact on your weight loss. It may interrupt your weight loss and cause you to gain weight. Stay away from processed foods because it contains chemicals that can sabotage the work of HCG in your body.
  • It is caused by premenstrual symptoms (for women) – One sign of PMS is water retention. It is an excess build-up of fluids in your body. Water retention due to PMS can cause weight stall but it will be gone after your period.

How to get through weight stall on your HCG diet?

  • Continue to do your light exercise– Light exercise can revive your metabolism. Move your body to shake up dull moments in your system.
  • Maintain the intake of calories– Do not go beyond 500 calories on P2 nor do not load an extreme amount of calories for the rest of your diet process. Maintaining the intake of calories will help you keep the weight loss.
  • Keep off the carbs and sugar or fatty foods– Do not fall on carb creep. Carbs and sugar have an immediate effect on your weight loss. Choose the healthy food choices on your HCG food list.
  • Load more on fiber-rich foods– Fiber are mostly found in vegetables and fruits. Fiber can help in maintaining a healthy metabolism. The proper metabolism will help you in maintaining your weight loss.