Four Causes of Weight Gain on the HCG Diet

Four Causes of Weight Gain on the HCG Diet

Weight gain is inevitable when you are a busy person. When you are juggling your responsibility at work and home, you are prone to stress. It will put you at risk of an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. As a result, it is easy to gain weight but take several periods to shake the excess weight off. Sometimes, weight gain is unstoppable and, it will give you difficulties in bouncing back to your healthy weight.

The HCG diet helps obese and overweight people in losing weight regardless of their tight schedule. It is the best weight loss option than going through surgeries. Even though you religiously stick to your diet, there are still cases of weight gain. Ensure that you stick to the protocol to avoid delaying your progress on the HCG diet.

The 4 Causes of Weight Gain during the HCG diet

Cause #1- Stress

Facing stress at work or home is another level of challenge during the HCG diet. It disrupts the natural function of your body and affects digestion. Stress can also cause natural weight gain due to the production of unhealthy hormones. It also occurs along with intense cravings for calorie-loaded foods.

How to deal with stress?

Improve your sleep and avoid staying in a stressful environment. When you are experiencing stress in your workplace, find some time to think and breathe. You can go out for a walk or drink some tea. It prevents stress from depositing fats in your thighs and abdomen.

Cause #2- Too much sugar

When you are in a fast-food culture, you are loading sugar more than Normal for the body. Eating carbs or drinking sodas increase the sugar in your body and results in diabetes. Sugar can cause spiking and sudden drop of your energy and stimulate your cravings. It also triggers your appetite for calorie-loaded foods.

How to manage your sugar intake?

Remove sugary foods from your diet during the HCG diet because it interferes with the HCG. Substitute them with stevia of fruits. Stevia is a plant-based sweetener that does not put additional calories on your diet.

Cause #3-  You often eat in restaurants

It can fill up your cravings and increase the fat deposition in your body. The foods in restaurants contain oils, additives, loads of sodium, and calories that cause weight gain. They also have other ingredients that interfere with the HCG.

How to deal?

Stick to cooking your meals at home and ensure you are using healthy ingredients. Avoid adding food enhancers and preservatives because they are harmful to the body. Stick to HCG diet-approved foods to keep our calorie intake low.

Cause #4- You are not reading food labels

Avoid products that are low-fat or sugar-free on their label because they are misleading. Most of them attract consumers to patronize the product but do not have significance in weight loss.

What to do?

Read the food labels or the nutrition details in the packaging. Ensure you are not loading foods that contain any form of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.