HCG Diet


Foods are one of the basic needs of a person to survive. Without food, the stability of the body is not possible. Foods are used to maintain health as well as the body. The quality of food is what the longevity of the healthy body depends. The healthier you eat the longer life you will get. The weight also depends on the food we eat. It is important to watch what you eat. This will help you keep the body healthy and safe for a long period of time. It does not matter either you are a bodybuilder or not, you still have to maintain a normal weight. This can only be achieved through the help of the foods we eat. All the foods we eat should be concerned with the proper diet and health.

We might be eating foods that may harm our health. This is why we will be encouraged to eat healthily. It is important to be watchful with foods. Be mindful on eating to avoid any health risk. Our attitude towards eating is also be taken care off in the HCG diet. The HCG diet food list has provided various lists of items that are allowed for the diet. The foods and other items that are not listed are totally not allowed. Here are some of the foods that you must not eat in the duration of the HCG diet.

  • The solid oils- These are the oils that are used such as shortening. This is a long-shelf life kind of fat. This is commonly used by people instead of lard.
  • Deep fried foods- Oils and more oils. If the food is deeply fried, the nutrients will be totally gone. Deep fried foods are also linked to cancer. These are one of the causes of cancer.
  • Refined and store-bought flour- HCG diet is zero carbs and sugar diet. Flours are known as a source of carbs which is not allowed in the diet. The constant weight loss on HCG will be stolen if you give in to carbs. Sugars at any form have no place on the HCG diet. The only allowed substitute for sugar as a sweetener is stevia.
  • White rice- This will instantly take out the weight loss goal. White rice is a big no in the HCG diet. It is loaded with carbs and sugar. HCG diet does not allow white rice at any moment. As much as possible you have to take care of the body.