HCG Diet


It is not good to forbid thyself from eating foods. You cannot stop yourself from eating because it may lead you to starve. Starving will cause overeating and eventually you will gain weight. You deserve a good meal at such times. However, there are foods that need to be set free from you. These are the foods that cause diseases and weight gain. You have to avoid the foods that slow down weight loss. There are also foods that cause a severe craving. This often leads to emotional eating. HCG diet does not allow foods that are processed. It has a negative effect on the body and in weight loss.

What are the foods to be avoided?

Avoid any foods with sugar and carbs in any form. They are the cause of weight gain. It will promote the storing of fats in the unreached area of the body. Sugars are also found in processed foods. Stop the intake of processed foods. It does not just have sugar but it has harmful chemicals. This will sabotage the work of HCG hormones in the body. Sugar and carbs will make the weight loss slow. Processed foods can increase the level of blood fat and sugar. This will eventually lead you to gain weight.

Foods in the HCG diet are healthy. It acts against any inflammation and unhealthy attacks. HCG diet fruits and veggies can help in fighting against diseases. It will guard the body as well as the immune system. The veggies and fruits can also help in balancing the cholesterol in the body.

Avoid Fried foods

Potato fries and fried meats must be avoided. The foods that are oily are harmful to cardiovascular health. It will contribute to rapid weight gain. Foods that contain oil are the cause of weight gain even in a small amount. Be careful in the food choices and portion. Avoid fried foods on VLCD as much as possible.

Be careful on the beverages

You are only allowed to have coffee, tea, and water on the HCG diet. Sweetened drinks, soda, energy drinks are not allowed. They can cause a disastrous weight gain. Soda and other drinks have too many calories. These are known as liquid calories which affect weight loss. Consider giving up these kinds of drinks in the HCG diet. Soft drinks and sweetened drinks bring an effect in general health. They have the same impact on sugar and carbs.