HCG Diet


Your loaded schedule and hectic demands from work and family are very stressful. Dealing with stress is tough and somehow is very complicated. It will get even more complicated if you lack knowledge on how to deal with it. There is good stress that pushes you to do what’s best for you. However, too much stress is unhealthy and may put the body at risk. You cannot be stressed especially if you are on the HCG diet.

There are also cases that stress can be taken out of the food we eat. Stress hormones are already in the body. It is only triggered by emotions or by the foods we eat. The food we eat and drink sometimes can be blamed for stress. It is easy to notice the foods that can cause stress. Upon knowing these kinds of food, you have to stay away from it if you are on the HCG diet. ON HCG diet, you are not allowed to have the following:


In a low-calorie diet, sugar is out. This is not allowed in any phase of the HCG diet. Sugar and carbs are the foods that you need to cut out in the diet. This only means that you have to cut out candies and chocolates or cakes at work. Even the smallest piece of sugar is not allowed because it may ruin the weight loss. Sugars are also the one that causes stress to grow bigger. The artificial sugars and other ingredients can cause harm to metabolism. The worst thing is it can lead to stress.

Caffeine and alcohol

HCG diet allows coffee in moderate consumption. Although it is good at curbing hunger it is not good if you are stressed. A small amount of coffee is safe on the HCG diet. Too much coffee can cause anxiety and it will ruin the concentration. It has an effect on the nervous system. It is better to stop drinking coffee in times of heavy schedule or stressful works. Stopping the intake of caffeine can make you productive at work. You have to stay away from all sources of caffeine such as chocolate, energy drinks, and other beverages. It can add stress the same with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can trigger the hormones that cause restlessness. It can cause high blood pressure and a high-heart-rate. These are also packed with sugars.