HCG Diet


The calorie restriction on the HCG diet is focused on food quality. The most preferable choice in the world is quality over quantity. It is not about the number of things but what makes the thing. It is not about the number of calories, but it is about the quality of the foods. There are foods that are high in quantity and may satisfy you. However, they are very low in quality. The foods on the HCG diet are less in quantity but are more on quality. They are carefully selected based on the nutritional value that we can get. The HCG diet allows for whole food choices. There is a specific number of proteins and other nutrients in each meal. The HCG diet will maintain muscle mass.

Dieters are adding some twist on their diet meals. They create their own HCG diet meal. It is still in the 500 calorie diet per day. Most of the dieters follow the standard protocol of the diet. They reach success without any nutritional issue. The HCG diet meals are chosen for the benefits of the body. It will help in maintaining a healthy body. They can stay on the diet without worrying about the nutrients they can get from food. This is because the 500 calorie meal has the most nutrients that the body needs. Follow all the precautions in choosing a meal choice.

VLCD is safe and excellent, especially on the food quality. The VLCD comes after you get the prescription from the doctor. Your body needs to be assessed first. This is to make sure that you are ready for the VLCD. Do not do a VLCD without getting advice from healthcare professionals. The foods in VLCD can help achieve the following:

  • Benefits from food can give longer lives
  • Keeps a healthy body and metabolism
  • Lower rates of diseases such as cancer

Consider all the possibilities if you load too much food but has less quality. It is better to eat fewer amounts of foods that are beneficial for health. There is nothing we can ask more than having a healthy body. If you are obese or overweight, the HCG diet is your chance. Decide now and get your weight loss goal. HCG promotes lifestyle change. VLCD is not harmful if it is done along with the HCG diet. However, each dieter must be very careful in the food choices. It is better to stick on the food that is in the HCG diet food list.