HCG Diet


Food portioning is important on the HCG diet. It will help you in reaching your weight loss goal. Proper food portion will also help you stay on your diet track for the entire diet duration. The proper control of food portion will aid during your caloric cut down on the HCG diet. This is an important thing that you must not neglect on your HCG diet.

Accurate tips in food portioning during the HCG diet

  1. Be aware of the caloric requirements

The HCG diet phase 2 cuts down your intake of calorie into 500 calories each day. You must be effective in controlling your food choices as well as the portion. Do not load on too much calorie-dense food. Phase 2 of the HCG diet requires you to eat organic foods. This is to help you with your intake of calories and in maintaining your weight loss.

The other phases of the HCG diet also need an exact amount of caloric intake. You are allowed to take more than 500 calories. However, you are not allowed to eat too much. Control your intake of calories and make sure that you will not gain weight.

  • Use your portion control dishes

Invest a set of portion control serving spoon, plates, and glasses. The portion control dishes will help you limit your intake of foods. The portion control dishes are designed to help you with your HCG diet meal.

  • Measure your HCG meal on a food scale

A food scale is very important to support weight loss during your HCG diet. It will help you track down your weight loss as well as your food intake. A food scale is needed especially in weighing your meat portion. This will help you make sure that you have the exact portion of each food choices.

  • Use small dining plates

To avoid big indulgence you have to use small plates. This is an effective tip in food portioning. This will make you serve a smaller amount of your food choices and controls your indulgences. Aim to portion your HCG meal in small plates and make each serving look substantial.

  • Be aware of your condiments

Condiments are allowed during your maintenance phase. You have to be careful with the portion of your condiments because some of them can cause weight gain. These usually triggers indulgences and will boost your appetite in eating.

Losing weight on the HCG diet requires proper preparation. You have to study well your diet protocol to be more aware of the does and don’ts. Establish good habits in food portioning to help you reach your weight loss goal.