Fitness Myths to Avoid on the HCG Diet

Fitness Myths to Avoid on the HCG Diet

Maintaining a fit and healthy body improves your overall health. It allows you to live a disease-free and balanced life. If you are struggling to lose weight, try the HCG diet. It is a weight loss regimen that produces rapid results without requiring an intense workout.

The HCG resets your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. It releases fats in the bloodstream and converts them as fuel. Keep your calorie intake low to get the most out of the HCG diet. There are hindrances in reaching your weight loss goal but, avoid falling from myths to prevent pitfalls.

The HCG diet protocol does not require any exercise routine but, some modification of the protocol permits light activities. When you incorporate fitness activities, maintain a low-intensity activity while using the HCG injections. Exercising helps in boosting your metabolic rate and staves off excess calories. But, when you overdo the exercise routine, it can also cause fatigue and overeating.

Avoid the Following Fitness Myths on the HCG Diet:

#1- People with disabilities cannot exercise.

People with disabilities have physical barriers in some activities but, it does not mean they cannot exercise. Most of them can still do aerobics, yoga, stretching, and improve their motion. If you have some disabilities, find a low-intensity activity if you consider exercising on the HCG diet. Note that the HCG works even though you are not incorporating physical activities.

#2- Muscle soreness is a signal that your exercise is enough.

Your progress in physical activities does not depend on the level of soreness you get after exercising. When you experience soreness, your body has inflammations. Set at least 10 minutes duration of your exercise routine instead of using soreness as your metric for progress. Avoid extreme activities to prevent muscle loss and bone injury.

#3- Eat loads of carbs to gain energy.

Adopt your new eating plan to avoid weight cycling. Avoid eating carbs during the HCG diet except for breadsticks and Melba toast. These are permissible low-calorie carbs during the HCG diet. Support your weight loss goal by sticking to healthy food choices and combining them with HCG shots. The HCG increases your energy to incorporate some extra activities. Substitute carbs with healthy fruits as snack foods before and after exercising.

#4- Sweating is a sign of fat loss.

It is a misconception of most diet regimens. Sweating is due to the reaction of your body to heat and not to fat-burning. Stop your exercise session when your body releases sweat. Manage your exercise duration to avoid fatigue and hunger.

#5- Lengthier exercises are better.

Spending more time exercising can cause energy loss and muscle soreness. It is not permissible during the HCG diet because it can interfere with the HCG. Note that exercising is advisable for 10 minutes but, avoid doing them every day. Ensure that you are not hungry or tired during exercise. Avoid hitting the gym to prevent strenuous physical activities.

It is essential to avoid these fitness myths to improve your progress on the HCG diet. Weight loss has no shortcut but, the HCG diet program will make it faster to renew your overall health.