HCG Diet


The level of exercise on the HCG diet is lowered. Each dieter is not allowed to do hard and heavy exercise. The level of exercise on the HCG diet is to assist the weight loss. Do not go on the HCG diet if you are not able to study the protocol. It is important to be familiar with the protocol to have a guide of the diet. Allow yourself to have proper nutrition. The first thing that you need to do on the HCG diet is to observe proper caloric control. It does not allow the hard exercise in the gym such as weight lifting. This will lead a dieter to frustrations. It will also cause someone to load more on not allowed foods.

Losing weight will come rapidly on HCG diet even without exercise. This is reached following the protocol. Diet is acceptable to people who work in a heavy job. It may show a slow result but the weight loss will be constant. Weight loss is constant on the HCG diet. The only allowed exercise on the HCG diet is the 10 minutes light exercise. This will accompany the work of the hormones in weight loss. The light exercise will help in maintaining a healthy body. The light exercise on the HCG diet is mainly for cardiovascular health. This will improve and boost the strength of the person.

An intense workout in a day will cause weight loss. However, you will just gain it back because of the food. The heavy exercise will cause you to feel hungry. You will respond to hunger by eating too much. It is because we can also find comfort in the foods that we used to eat. You have to be careful in doing exercise on the HCG diet. This is not allowed in the VLCD. The body has enough energy to sustain the activities of the system. But, it does not have more energy to shed for the exercise.

A distance walk or jog may do. This will help in maintaining the tone of the muscle in the body. It will shake off the negative vibes in your body. You can start your day with light exercise after a cup of coffee. You can do easy yoga, light swimming or biking. Once the diet is done, you can go back to the normal flow of your routine. However, you cannot go back to the old lifestyle. You will learn to value your health over food. After the HCG diet, you can exercise more and do more works with your fit body.