HCG Diet


Obesity is a condition of having excess fats that cause various diseases. Obesity is either a genetic or environmental influence. This is a manageable weight condition that is experienced by many people. Obesity must be treated as early as possible to avoid health risk. Too much intake of calories and unhealthy foods may cause you to gain too much weight. The uncontrolled loading will eventually lead to gain weight.

How to end obesity through the HCG diet?

  • Set your weight loss goal– be committed on your HCG diet and set a realistic goal. Make sure that you have a weight loss goal before you will start on your diet. Your goal will serve as your motivation to finish your HCG diet. You can split your overall weight loss goal and reach it slowly each week.
  • Change your eating habits-Adopt the eating habits on your HCG diet. This is a way of changing your lifestyle. You cannot start your weight loss if you are still doing the unhealthy eating. Your food choices and your way of eating will be change during your HCG diet.
  • HCG will help you lose weight– HCG is responsible for the resetting of your metabolism. You will be losing weight through the work of the diet hormones. Along with it is the HCG injection which is responsible for the rapid fat burning and curbing of hunger. The very low-calorie intake is only safe if it is done along with the diet hormones.
  • Nourish your body– Nourishment means meeting all the needed nutrients in the body. You must be wise in loading with your foods. The foods in your HCG diet will give you nourishment. These are also helpful during your weight loss, especially during your VLCD.
  • Follow your diet protocol– There are restrictions during your diet especially in your intake of calories. Follow the protocol for a greater possibility in succeeding. The diet protocol will keep you in the track of your HCG diet.

Things you need to do during your HCG diet

  • Check food labels constantly
    • Stay away from processed and fatty foods
    • Load more on fresh and organic products
    • Stay away from sweetened or flavored drinks
    • Control your food portion especially on VLCD
    • Stay hydrated
    • Bring a fruits snack with you if you go out

End obesity so that you will be free from diseases. Track your weight every day as soon as you get up from your bed. You will see that you are reaching your goal step by step. Do not give in to food temptations to avoid the delay of your weight loss.