Everyone really wants to know the link between our emotions and food? Why there is such a thing as emotional eating? How do our emotions affect our eating style? We always know how to eat healthy, what to load and not. However, we don’t even have the exact idea of the bond of the foods and emotions. We probably have the idea of why we need to lose pounds here and there. The question is; are we really having an issue towards food when we are on hcg diet?

There is this big issue to solve to help us keep the weight off. Studies have shown that most people who gain weight have deeper issues. This is to be investigated and must be solved. They may not be successful in losing weight if they continue to keep their struggles or emotions. It is important to understand how a person became overweight. Because we all know that there is another problem in another way. Hiding problems caused us to be more emotional and lead to emotional stress.

What is emotional eating?

This is an escape from stress. Emotional eating is using food to feel better. This is more on satisfying the emotions than of hunger. Emotional eating is more harmful than cravings or hunger. This is because it will cause someone to eat and overindulge food. Emotional eating is taking all kinds of food and stops when they feel comforted. Emotional eating must not be your ways to deal with emotions. It is totally not allowed on the HCG diet. Being powerless of what you feel about feelings or food is not true. You always have the choice to fight for it. There is no one who can help you control it than yourself.

Learn to deal with emotions in a healthy way. This must be faced mindfully and not mindlessly. Grab the full control over your weight, emotions, and ways of eating. Stay away from the barriers that stop you in losing weight.

Here are some signs of an emotional eater

  • Eating when you feel stress or eat even if not hungry
  • Eating just to feel better to get away from boredom or sadness
  • You always reward yourself with food
  • Regularly eating until you become sick because of fullness
  • Treating food as a friend—feeling safe when eating
  • Loss of control around food or feeling powerless

These are just simple signs of emotional eating. Correct yourself as early as now. Know the difference between physical and emotional hunger.