Eight Foods You Should Avoid during the HCG Diet

The foods you eat during the HCG diet reflect your weight loss progress. Follow the HCG diet protocol to know which food you will avoid and what can help you improve your weight loss. It is best if you avoid calorie-dense foods during your HCG diet. You have to be familiar with your diet protocol before starting. It will help you avoid slips and failures when you begin the HCG diet.

Start to cut down your calorie intake on the second phase of the HCG diet. You have limited food choices during the HCG diet but, it does not mean it can cause deprivation. Avoid calorie-loaded treats or eating in restaurants because you are not in control of the ingredients. Home-cooked meals are better than buying unsafe treats in food stores. Also, be careful with the drinks you have because most processed beverages contain loads of sugar.

Here are eight foods to avoid during the HCG diet.

  1. Sugary beverages. Soda, sports drinks, juices, flavored water, alcohol are not allowed during the HCG diet. It is because they are dense in liquid calories that will add to your weight. Consuming these kinds of beverages will not help you reach your weight loss goal.
  2. Baked foods. Cookies, pastries, cakes, and desserts are very high in sugar. It has fructose and starch. Fructose can increase your possibility of getting hungry during your HCG diet. Baked foods are also high in trans-fat that causes a high obesity risk.
  3. Fried foods. Fried meats and potato fries are generally high in calories. Fried foods contain loads of unhealthy fats that can compromise your overall health. It will cause a rapid storing of unhealthy fats in different parts of your body.
  4. Bread and burgers. Bread is high in carbs which is not advisable during your weight loss. Burgers are also high in fats and calories. It will increase your risk of obesity. It will also affect your weight loss during your HCG diet.
  5. White rice. White rice is low in protein and fiber. It has a high glycemic index that causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. White rice is not allowed during your HCG diet because it can add weight.
  6. Sweetened yogurt. These are low in fat but high in sugar content. Sweetened yogurt is not allowed because it can affect your digestion and the work of HCG in your weight loss.
  7. Processed meat. Dried, smoked, fermented, and other kinds of preserve meat are harmful during your HCG diet. It contains loads of food chemicals that can stop your HCG from burning your fats. Stay away from salami, ham, hotdog, bacon, and jerky.
  8. Dried or canned fruits and vegetables. The freshly picked fruits and vegetables are healthy food choices. However, dried fruits can affect your weight loss because it has an added sugar on it. Canned vegetables are processed foods because it has added preservatives and other industrial food ingredients that can sabotage the HCG. Choose the freshly picked and whole food choices for your HCG diet.