HCG Diet


Weight loss does not depend on tricks but on the protocol. You can achieve rapid weight loss with the help of the HCG hormones. The hormone is effective in suppressing hunger and resetting the metabolism. It also helps in the restoration of bone and muscle loss. HCG is effective for weight loss and it only targets the stubborn fats without touching the muscle mass.

As the hormones burn your fat, your body is also undergoing changes. The weight loss process is accompanied by healthy eating. Healthy food choices will aid the body in weight loss.

More tips for HCG weight loss

  • Grab an extra time to do light exercises

Light exercise such as yoga and cardio are allowed. The purpose of light exercise is to shake up the body and improve cardiovascular health. It is also helpful in burning extra calories. You can do light exercise for at least 10 to 15 minutes in 2 to 3 days per week. Stop if you feel weary or tired because it might cause stress.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is important especially if you are losing weight. It keeps the body hydrated and avoids any water retention. It can help in cleansing the body from toxins. Water also promotes the proper flow of the blood.

  • Do not skip any meals

Eat at the dining table during meal time. Do not skip meals because it is important to add fuel in the body. Eat the right kind and amount of food needed for the body during the HCG diet.

  • Give your body a time to rest

 Sleep if you want to. Do not deprive your body of having time to nap. Sleeping or resting can help the body to process things out. The proper digestion happens when the body is at rest. It can also help in keeping off the stress that causes emotional eating. It is important to have a nap especially during phase 2 because the body needs more energy.

  • Do not entertain stress

 It can cause constant pressure. In the case of stressful situations, find time to relax. Stress will add weight naturally. Deal with stress as early as possible. Do not let it stay even longer in the body because it affects the emotion and make you find comfort through eating. Do not eat foods that can trigger stress such as calorie-dense foods. Drink water and relax or sleep. You can also eat fruits so to boost the brain and body.