Combining HCG Injections and a healthy eating routine helps you satiate hunger. A busy lifestyle sometimes leads you to opt for unhealthy fixes to satisfy hunger. Your meals help fuel your body with the energy that you need for the diet. Choosing unhealthy foods could greatly affect your weight loss.

Furthermore, avoiding eating mistakes prevents you from binge eating. It allows you to control your portion sizes because you can maintain healthy eating. Make sure to avoid eating mistakes to make your day productive. Avoid eating mistakes that become a loophole that prevents you from reaching your weight loss goal.

The eating mistakes that make you fat during the HCG diet

  • Eating baked goods

Pancake, bread, and pies seem to be perfect for breakfast. These delicious treats are full of fat and sugar. It may be convenient to eat baked goods but you cannot eat them during the HCG diet. Find time to prepare healthy food before you will be running late for your work. Baked goods do not contribute anything to improve your weight loss.

  • Drinking preserved juice

Freshly squeezed fruit juices are healthy. However, if you are drinking bottled fruit juices it can ruin your diet. Avoid drinking store brought juices because it contains an unhealthy amount of sugar. It does not only interfere with HCG but also it can make you fat. Preserved drinks contain sweeteners and chemicals that have lesser nutrients those fresh products.

  • Eating carbs

Your favorite pancakes, donuts, and waffles are not healthy. Avoid eating them during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. Eating carbs can spike your blood sugar which results in an energy crash. When you eat carbs you are at risk of binge eating. It’s because carbs can stimulate your appetite that makes you crave for more even if you are already full.

  • Having sugar during coffee and tea time

Adding sugar to your coffee or tea is not a good idea during the HCG diet. Sugar is not a healthy option when you are following a very low-calorie diet. Sugar makes you fat and it affects your metabolism and digestion. Choose healthy options if you want to have something sweet to start your day. You can use stevia as a substitute for sugar.

Some of the eating mistakes that make you fat are not new to you. Some of them are part of your routine which you need to change to lose weight. Change your habits of going to buffets because it gives you the freedom to indulge in unhealthy foods. Be mindful of the foods you eat and make sure that you are aware of the ingredients of it.

Consider avoiding eating mistakes to be effective on the HCG diet. Plan your meals ahead of time to prepare for proper calorie intake. Opt for simple but nutritious meals such as the foods that you can eat during the HCG diet. Train your body to follow the protocol of the HCG diet. Avoid eating mistakes to promote weight loss and maintain a healthy body.