Eating Healthy On-the-go Foods on the HCG Diet

Eating Healthy On-the-go Foods on the HCG Diet

Tight schedules at work are reasons why people opt for on-the-go foods from drive-thrus and restaurants. Grabbing orders from cafes increases your weight as the food has loads of calories. Imagine getting almost 400 calories in a regular burger is a big load that results in weight gain.

When you depend on on-the-go foods during the HCG diet, you can gain weight. Be careful with quick meals as most of them contain loads of unhealthy ingredients. Take note that during the hCG diet, you can eat 500 calories. Avoid a lot as it leads to weight gain.

Why do you need to avoid dining in restaurants on the HCG diet?

Foods from restaurants are not healthy for the HCG diet. Dine-in your house instead of eating on the go to prevent unhealthy food ingredients. Cook fiber-rich foods to combat hunger. The foods you get from restaurants have loads of dressings and processed items. They are the root causes of weight loss delay on the HCG diet.

Here are some tips to help you eat healthy on the go on the HCG diet:

  1. Plan your meals. If you have a tight schedule, ensure that you prepare your meals ahead. It prevents you from last-minute cramming and ends up in restaurants. Ensure you have snack foods in your car to avoid getting a quick stop at a restaurant.
  2. Prepare ahead. When you have a busy day coming, ensure that your meals are ready. Cook and pack them the night before your busy day. Preparing ahead of time saves energy. Pack your meals and snacks and ensure you count the calories from each serving.
  3. Drink lots of water. During the second phase of the HCG diet, drink at least two liters of water each day. It improves the feeling of fullness and prevents hunger. Bring a bottle of water wherever you go to avoid buying unhealthy drinks. Water can flush out food chemicals and additives from sugary beverages.
  4. Watch your portion sizes. When you prepare your meals, ensure you get a proper portion from each serving size. Serve at least 100 grams of protein, a bowl of vegetables, and a medium-sized fruit. Use the food scale and measuring wares to get the right portion of your foods.

When you cook your foods, avoid soaking them in oils, butter, and fats. Fried foods are not permissible during the HCG diet. Follow healthy cooking methods to increase weight loss. Avoid adding too much salt to prevent water retention. The cooking method in maintaining a low-calorie intake is steaming, grilling, and boiling.

What is the healthy on-the-go snack for the HCG diet?

Avoid toppings, dressings, sauces, and creams on the VLCD. For HCG Diet healthy snacks, you can eat:

  • Grissini
  • Breadstick
  • Fruits
  • Vegetable
  • Smoothie
  • Tea
  • Soup
  • Coffee

Meal planning prevents from eating on the go during the HCG diet. Count your calories as how the protocol of the HCG diet instructs. Write down all the foods you eat in a journal to keep track and be accountable for anything you eat.