Does HCG Diet Involves Detoxification

Does HCG Diet Involves Detoxification?

Many proponents of the HCG diet notice that doing a cleanse beforehand can increase your result on the HCG diet. Loads of toxins and chemicals in your body can slow down your progress. The process of cleansing your body before starting the HCG diet aids in rapid weight loss. Since the goal of the HCG program is to stave off stubborn fats, cleansing your body can be beneficial.

Is the HCG Diet a Detox Program?

HCG diet is a weight loss program that results in detoxification. Its goal is to reach the stubborn fats and release them out from your body. The HCG starts its maximum effects when you begin to narrow down your calorie intake. It ensures that you are ready for rapid fat loss. It does not compromise your health. Unlike the detox program, the HCG diet does not involve deprivation.

Begin the process by visiting your doctor for an overall health assessment. It helps in setting your weight loss goal and managing your eating patterns. During the medical check-up, inform your doctor if you have existing disease and medications. Most dieters experience rapid weight loss and recovery through the HCG diet.

Detoxifying your body can assist you with your weight loss and prevents stalls during the HCG diet. It is also beneficial during the maintenance period of the HCG diet. Nonetheless, do not overdo the cleansing stage to avoid other health issues.

Things that Increases the Cleansing Potential of HCG

  • Water. It helps the body in flushing out chemicals and toxins that cause weight gain. Food toxins increase the deposition of fats in your body. When you drink water, your body will start to cleanse from toxins and improve your overall health.
  • Maintain the VLCD. Reducing your calorie intake can give your body a break from receiving toxins. The VLCD on the HCG diet reduces inflammation and boosts your metabolic rate. Keep your food options organic and fresh. Avoid eating foods that contain salts and processed chemicals.
  • Drink some lemon water. It increases blood cleansing and hydration. Lemon also has vitamin C that boosts your immune system. It also prevents your body from accumulating fats by increasing your metabolic rate. Aside from lemon, you can also try cleansing herbs or apple cider vinegar. Use stevia as a substitute for sugar when you want to have a sweet treat.

Ensure that you stick to the protocol of the HCG diet to increase the cleansing process. Avoid skipping a phase because it can ruin the entire process. Ensure that you administer the HCG injections every day to improve the fat-burning. The HCG can suppress your appetite and increase your energy during the very low-calorie phase.

Can You Use Detox Epsom Salt on the HCG Diet?

You can try the Epsom Slat bath but, it is not something you can do every day. Epsom salt bath is permissible before you start the HCG diet to stimulate the release of toxins. It has similar acts with sauna and, it is also a stress-relieving process. When using an Epsom salt bath, you can add some essential oils.