HCG Diet


During the first week of the VLCD, the body is still adjusting. The body is adjusting to the loading of foods. You are not having the usual food that you used to load on before. You will be tempted to buy the items that are not allowed on the HCG diet. If you are hungry, do not go on grocery shopping. This is to avoid buying unnecessary foods that will harm you. One way of controlling hunger and temptations is to shop earlier. Advance shopping will lower the temptation of foods in Phase 2.

Control hunger by spacing the meals. The HCG diet only allows two meals per day. The breakfast is more on liquid such as water, coffee, and tea. The meals include lunch and dinner. You can split the 500 calorie portion into 5. This is a great way to adjust to the VLCD. You need to adjust especially on Phase 2 of the diet. It allows the HCG hormones to have time to flow in the system. Thus, it curbs hunger. This is effective in the coming weeks of the HCG diet. Spacing meals out must revolve around 500 calories a day. Be careful about food choices and food control.

The benefit of having a routine

Doing the HCG in a routine is a great help. You can create your own dietary routine on the HCG diet. This can help in preventing cravings. Doing a routine is training oneself to success. The things you do in a routine are a preparation for the weight loss goal. A routine is something that you get to use to do every day. It is a sequence of action that is done regularly. Make the HCG diet techniques as your daily routine.

Eat veggies every day- Vegetables are good at controlling hunger. You should eat various kinds of veggies each day. However, you cannot mix vegetables in one serving. Each serving of vegetables is usually one cup. The allowed vegetables on the HCG diet are low in calories. This means that you can eat more until you will be satisfied. This only runs in the 500 calorie limitations each day. Vegetables help the HCG hormones in dealing with extra fats in the body.

Hydration is important in controlling hunger. This is an excellent solution aside from having a snack. Drinking coffee, tea or water can suppress the appetite. This allows you to stay full until the next meal time. You can have as much coffee or teas all day as you want. Make sure that they are free from sugar.