Weight loss pitfalls are activities that sabotage the process. These are the cause of sudden weight gain even if you are already near to success. The effects of weight-loss pitfalls are stressful. To deal with such cases you need to keep a positive attitude to reach your desired goal. You need to deal with pitfalls right away to continue your weight loss.

The common weight-loss pitfalls that you overlooked on VLCD

  • Starvation

You are not maintaining a low-calorie intake. This means that you are already starving yourself because of consuming fewer calories than 500. Starvation may lead to ulcers if you don’t eat. It also results in a longer diet process and makes you go back to zero. The thing you need to do is have your foods in moderation. You have to set a limit that does not lead to starvation. It only means that you can eat your meal but maintain proper food portioning. Determine the type of hunger before eating to avoid eating food comforts.

  • Compromising with the result

The results of HCG Injections are fast and visible almost every day. This means that you can track your weight loss through the weighing scale. The promising results do not mean that you can already celebrate. It’s because there is still a possibility of gaining weight if you fail in the long run. The results are overwhelming yet you still need to finish the protocol to avoid pitfalls. Small results are worth celebrating but not with the comfort of eating. Even if you achieve your desired weight you still need to maintain your healthy habits.

  • An attempt of stopping the diet early

Not because you are seeing rapid weight loss does not mean that you can quit right away. Avoid doing any attempt of stopping the HCG diet if you are not yet done. Stopping the HCG diet too early can cause issues in your hormones and health. It will make you gain double the weight than what you have before. Stopping too soon also reduces the effectiveness of the diet hormone in your body. Try another healthy routine when you feel like quitting. You can also incorporate fun activities as long as you are not wasting your energy.

  • Getting bored with the foods

One of the common reasons why you are a risk to pitfalls is getting bored with the foods. The VLCD is not about giving you the same foods every day. There are various food choices and recipes you can enjoy during the VLCD. You must learn to explore your diet foods to be able to create a healthy and safe recipe. Having the same food every day leads to boredom. You will fail if are less knowledgeable about the protocol of the HCG diet.

The HCG diet can be challenging when you have a negative mindset. It will dictate or overpower your willingness to lose weight. If your mindset says “it is difficult” start to remind yourself of your weight loss goal. You need to be confident to develop a positive outlook. It is better to reach success in small steps than doing nothing.