Can you start the HCG Diet After Pregnancy

Can you start the HCG Diet After Pregnancy?

Many women gain weight after pregnancy because of the thyroid problem, sleeplessness, and hormonal activities in the body. Stress also can contribute to postpartum weight gain.

After pregnancy, your weight loss focus should be on the healthy method that will not affect you and your newborn. Start by making changes to your diet. Avoid eating unhealthy indulgences to prevent adding more weight to your body.

HCG Diet After Pregnancy

The HCG diet requires cutting down on foods you eat during the second phase. Doing the HCG diet after giving birth is not allowable.  It puts your child’s health at risk. Here are some reasons why you cannot start the HCG diet after pregnancy:

  • Your child is dependent on the nutrients through your milk. Nursing a baby is a healthy option than milk formula. Allow your child to develop before you go for the HCG diet.
  • The post-pregnancy hormone in your body might not work well with the HCG. Give your body time to recover before starting to lose weight.
  • Your body is still recovering from pregnancy. Consuming 500 calories per day on the HCG diet is not a good idea when your body is healing.
  • During pregnancy, your body has high levels of HCG. When you start your HCG shots after giving birth, the HCG will not work well to get your goal.

Weight loss on the HCG diet is safe and fast than other weight loss regimens. A weight loss program is a healthy option for weight loss as it does not require any exercise routine. The HCG diet is convenient for stay-at-home moms because it does not take all your time and energy.

When Exactly can you Start the HCG Diet After Giving Birth?

You can start the HCG diet when your child is independent of your milk. It means that you have to wait until your child can eat food. Most of the moms start the HCG diet six months after giving birth. It is when the baby can eat food. There are also some cases that they start the HCG diet a year after pregnancy.

Starting the HCG Diet Six Months After Giving Birth

Contact your medical provider and seek some advice about the HCG diet. Let your physician set some limitations and recommendations for safe weight loss. Let your doctor know if you are taking some medications to avoid fluctuations. Here are some tips in starting the HCG diet:

  • Avoid cutting your calorie intake right away. Plan for your weight loss goal and prepare your body for VLCD. Start with filling your fat stores for two days. Ensure that you take your HCG injections on time.
  • Allow your body to adjust. Avoid pushing yourself too much when you start the program because pregnancy causes changes to your body.  Introduce the HCG step by step by doing the VLCD.
  • Change your habits. Ensure you avoid processed foods during the second phase of the HCG diet. Control yourself from giving in to food temptations and cravings. Eat healthy options to maintain the 500 calorie intake.