HCG Diet


The original approach of Dr.Simeons has a modern method today. During the original method, you can only have at least 500 calories daily. You also need to follow the protocol and stick to the food choices in your diet food list. The modern approach, on the other hand, increases the calorie intake to 800 per day. The new method is longer in duration compared to the original way. However, it works as effectively as the original plan of Dr. Simeons.

There are many online protocols for HCG diet today that mislead dieters for proper meal intake. Misleading protocols can make you get confused about what you should be eating during the second phase. One of the frequently raised questions during the modern HCG diet is about the intake of eggs.

Can eating eggs be an option for the “modern” HCG diet Phase 2?

The short answer to this is yes. Eating eggs is fine as long as you follow the protocol on how you will do it. Take note that eating eggs on an HCG diet is not always something you will do every day. When you do choose to for with eggs, you should be eating the egg whites. You can only consume one whole and hard-boiled egg, and the rest would be egg whites only. The reason for this is to avoid fats in egg yolks, which may interfere with the work of HCG in your body.

During HCG Injections, you can have 3 to 4 eggs for the entire day. Just have the whites of three eggs and one whole egg. Avoid eating them all at once, especially when you are not hungry at all. Take note that two large eggs, including the yolk, is already equal to a hundred grams of lean meat.

How often can you eat eggs on the modern HCG diet protocol?

Eating eggs should only be done once or twice a week as a maximum. You can only eat a whole boiled egg for breakfast and the egg whites for the rest of the day. Too much of this can cause weight gain because of the calories it contains compared to lean meats.

What will happen when you eat eggs daily while on the HCG diet?

The usual result when you eat eggs every day is a weight loss plateau or weight gain. You should avoid having a weight loss plateau or weight gain because it affects your weight loss. Eating eggs will help get things mixed up to avoid getting bored with having the same meal.

When is the best time to eat eggs on the modern HCG diet plan?

Eating eggs is preferable during breakfast. Eggs are useful to increase satiety. It can reduce your calorie intake for the rest of your day. Eggs also are rich in protein that helps in preserving your muscle mass. Eating eggs in the morning maintains blood sugar and insulin levels. Make sure to count all your calorie intake, including the calories you get from eating eggs.