Can you adjust the HCG dosage for Weight Loss

Can you adjust the HCG dosage for Weight Loss?

The HCG helps the body improves metabolism. It burns abnormal fats and uses them as sources of fuel during the VLCD. Ensure to take your HCG shots at the same time each day to reach your goal. Phase 2 of the HCG diet usually lasts for 3 to 6 weeks. During the process, ensure you are eating healthy foods.

What is the regular dose of the HCG?

The regular dosage of the HCG is from 125ius to 150ius. It is effective for dieters who set realistic weight loss goals. The daily dose of HCG is essential in curbing hunger and suppressing your appetite. If you miss a dose, there is a slight hunger.

Adjusting the HCG dosage

The idea of changing the HCG dose is for dieters that experience hunger. You can change your dose when the allowable amount is not working for you. Hunger pangs are typical when you are on the first few days of the VLCD. It is because your body is still adjusting to the low-calorie intake. But, when hunger continues for weeks, you can alter your HCG dose.

Can you adjust your HCG dosage?

Inform your doctor before you change your dosage. Set some calorie restrictions and additional alterations to let the hormone work. If you are taking other medicines, ensure that the ingredient does not delay the HCG. Let your dietician know if you are taking drugs for hypertension and diabetes.

Here are few reasons why you need to change your HCG dose:

  1. You can change your dose if your job is more on physical skills. It is either you can add few calories or increase your HCG dosage.
  2. Change your dose when you are taking the HCG for a couple of weeks without progress.
  3. Increase your dosage when you often feel tiredness and fatigue during the VLCD.
  4. Changing HCG dose depends on your age, body type, and weight.
  5. Lower or take a break from HCG injections during menstruation. Your body hormones during your period can delay the HCG. Stop for a day or two but, continue your diet.
  6. Change your dosage or take a break when you go through operations.
  7. The usual time to change your dose is during the midway of the weight loss. It will help you avoid resistance from the HCG.

Physical hunger during the HCG diet

Stomach pangs are one of the signs that you need to eat foods. Hunger occurs when your body needs more nutrients and fuel to continue working. Eat healthy and filling foods when you are starving. Ensure that you load more on fiber-rich foods to boost your satiety. Avoid eating foods when hunger comes from mental desire or emotions.

How to prevent changing your HCG dose?

Stick to your weight-loss track by following the protocol of the HCG diet. Ensure you drink lots of water to stave off toxins from your body. Avoid eating foods that have sugar, fats, and oil. Avoid eating foods when your stress levels are high. If you struggle in adjusting your dose, seek medical help or advice from HCG experts.