Breaking Soda Addiction During the HCG Diet

The drinking soda every day can lead to weight gain. You cannot have them if you are following the HCG diet program. It would be much better if you never drank them again in your entire life. Sugar-free drinks such as soda do not mean that they don’t have calories. Diet sodas and other unhealthy drinks can cause heart problems, diabetes, and cancer.

Why do you need to quit soda addiction during the HCG diet?

Quit your soda addiction because it’s the reason why you cannot lose weight. The chemicals and other ingredients in soda can make you fat or slows down your progress. Another effect of soda on your HCG diet is weight loss stall.

How will you break your soda addiction through the HCG diet?

  • Stop slowly. Avoid stopping right away because it can overwhelm your body. Quit soda before the HCG diet by drinking smaller amounts every day until you get used to having none. Limit how many cans you buy each time you go to the grocery. Ensure that when you start your HCG shots, you already quit soda addiction.
  • Cut your serving size. If you are used to having a bottle or more per day, cut them slowly. Start with small-sized when you order foods. Instead of ordering a liter, try to taper to ounces or regular size.
  • Use natural sweeteners. The HCG diet allows using stevia as a substitute for sugar. Instead of drinking your favorite soda, make fresh lemon juice with stevia. It is better and even healthier than your regular drinks.
  • Avoid adding sugar to your coffee or tea. Sugar can trigger your cravings as well as your addiction to soda. You cannot have any forms of sugar and syrups during the HCG diet. Take note that sugar is more potent than the carbonation process in making a soda. Avoid adding unhealthy sweeteners to your tea or coffee because it can trigger your appetite. Avoid triggers that make you want to reach for a can of diet soda.

Being in a stressful situation is one of a trigger to reach your comfort drink or foods. But, during the HCG diet, you have to avoid it. Find a substitute such as drinking a glass of water with freshly-squeezed fruit.

Stay away from foods with the same artificial sweetener as sodas

The aspartame in soda is also in other foods. Aspartame is added to sugar-free foods to improve the taste without adding the actual sugar. It contains empty calories that are harmful during the second phase of the HCG diet. It is dangerous for your HCG shots because it slows down the progress. So before you eat and drink something, read food labels carefully.

Cutting soda improves your metabolic functions and rapid weight loss. It will make easy access for the HCG to reach your stubborn body fats. Soda results in an inflammatory response in your system. Quitting the addiction can renew your body cells. It can also improve the function of your organs and biological process.