Breakfast Mistakes that Makes you Fat on the HCG Diet

Breakfast Mistakes that Makes you Fat on the HCG Diet

Increase the effectiveness of the HCG injections by combining them with a 500 calorie intake per day. Incorporate regular activities and a healthy lifestyle. The HCG injections are effective when you load the proper amount of calories per meal. You can get most of the calories from your lunch and dinner.

What are the allowable foods for breakfast during the second phase of the HCG diet? During the HCG diet, your food choices limit organic and fresh products. You cannot eat foods that have gone through processing. What about for breakfast? The original protocol of Dr. Simeons only permits a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast and no solid foods.

Breakfast on the HCG Diet

Start your day with a cup of coffee and add a tablespoon of milk. If you are a breakfast eater, you can portion your fruit choice. It is one way of keeping your satiety without adding more calories. Split your 500 calorie meal into five portions so you can eat breakfast.

For example: Instead of eating the whole apple during lunch, you can cut it half and eat them for breakfast. You can also eat the permissible carb options or the Grissini breadsticks. Avoid skipping your breakfast regardless of what you get to eat. Take note that eating breakfast will start up your metabolism during the fat-burning phase.

What are the Breakfast Mistakes that Makes you Fat on the HCG Diet?

  1. You skip your breakfast. Having coffee or tea to start your day does not mean that you can avoid them whenever you want. It is never a good thing when you miss a meal during the VLCD as it results in nutritional deficiency. Breakfast is vital for the day as it fuels your digestion and metabolism.
  2. You indulge in baked goods. End your routine of having baked treats every morning. Take note that carbs and sugar are not permissible on the HCG diet. It only means that baked goods can cause weight gain due to loads of sugar and carbs. Ditch your favorite bagels, bread, loaf, and doughnuts. A healthy breakfast prevents overeating sessions because it maintains your fullness.
  3. You drink processed juice. The preserved orange juice you chug during breakfast is one of the culprits of weight gain. Processed fruit juices have loads of sugar and calories that make you fat. Avoid processed juice on the LCD to prevent the artificial flavors and preservatives from ruining your weight loss.
  4. You eat carbs. Your favorite pancakes and waffles are not permissible on the second phase of the HCG diet. Take note that they contain carbs, artificial sweeteners, and sugar. These foods can spike your blood sugar levels and causes weight gain on the HCG diet. It increases your risk of getting hungry during the day.
  5. You go to buffet and drive-thrus. Breakfast in restaurants and drive-thrus is unhealthy for your HCG diet. It is because of the ingredients of the foods that work against the HCG. The surrounding of unlimited foods in buffet increases food temptations. Stick to your home-cooked meal to prevent weight gain. Get the proper portion of your meal from every food group.