The modern protocol of the HCG diet phase 2 is derived from the original protocol designed by Dr. Simeons. The modern protocol is created for those who have minimal weight to lose. The modern and the original protocol of the HCG diet phase 2 can help you lose weight. The modern approach is also as effective as the original VLCD plan.

What is the difference between the modern and the original Phase 2?

The modern approach of the HCG diet Phase 2 is the 700 to 800 calorie intake per day. This is preferably an option for those who are not comfortable with the 500 calories per day. The modern protocol has a longer duration than the original protocol. The original protocol of the HCG diet is strict compliance to 500 calories per day. It is effective and will not take too long.

Will you get hungry while doing the modern VLCD approach?

Hunger is common during the first week of the VLCD. This is because your body is still adjusting to the new calorie intake. As soon as the HCG is fully in your system you will find your food servings be satisfying. The HCG mobilizes fats and makes it available for your body’s energy source. Through this, your appetite is naturally suppressed.

Where can you find the foods for the modern approach of the VLCD?

Almost all of the foods allowed in your HCG diet are available in supermarkets. You can also have them grown in your yard. There is also a provided shopping list of your modern VLCD. You have to stick to natural and organic food choices that are allowed during Phase 2. The food list of the modern and original approach is almost the same you just have to increase its serving per meal.

How much weight can you expect to lose on the HCG Diet?

The daily weight loss record by following the modern protocol is 1 to 2lbls per day. This depends on various factors such as age, weight, and gender. You will lose weight more if you strictly adhere to the diet protocol.

Is it fine to skip a meal or protein at one of your VLCD meals?

No. Skipping meals will end up low blood sugar and makes you weak. Skipping meals can also increase your risk of eating during the next meal. You are also not allowed to skip your protein meal. Consuming protein can help you stay full for the entire day. It also maintains your bone and muscle mass.

Can you take vitamins during the modern VLCD approach?

Yes. Vitamins are allowed as long as it does not have any sugar content. The active ingredients of the vitamins must not interfere with the HCG. You can take potassium, vitamin A, and B. Take note that weight loss booster pills are not allowed.

What are the common side effects of the HCG diet Phase 2?

The common side effects of the HCG diet are headache, fatigue, and mild hunger. These side effects do not come all at once or may not occur at all. The side effects occur when you fail to maintain the HCG dose.