A modified HCG diet is a derivation from the original protocol created by Dr. Simeons. The modified protocol of the HCG diet has changed in implementing the VLCD. It results in changes in hormones and their effectiveness. The modified protocol also has changed in the eating pattern. It can help you reach your weight loss goal in a designated duration.

The original protocol has been proven to successfully help in weight loss safely and naturally. As much as possible you have to stick to the original protocol for greater results. The modified protocol, on the other hand, is created for those who feel uncomfortable with the 500 calories per day. This protocol can help you lose weight but for a longer duration compared to the original protocol.

Are you allowed to do the modified protocol of HCG diet Phase 2?

Yes. You can follow the modified or modern protocol of the HCG diet. However, you must not expect a rapid result of the hormone. This is because the modified protocol also revised the daily calorie intake. There are lots of changes in the modified phase which includes more food choices.

The modification of the HCG diet is allowed as long as it is prescribed by doctors. You can alter it especially if you have diseases that need medical attention. Make sure that you have started your HCG diet with the approval of medical professionals. This is important especially if you have existing diseases.

The modification of the HCG diet Phase 2

The HCG diet Phase 2 originally requires 500 calories per day. This eating protocol is modified to 700 to 800 calories per day when you follow the modern protocol. There are also more food choices added on your food list during the modified HCG diet. During the modified protocol you are allowed to have protein shakes or low carb foods. The modified protocol takes longer to lose weight compared to the original VLCD. The effectiveness of the HCG is also more wholesome when you follow the original protocol.

How do changes in the protocol cut the efficiency of the HCG?

Changing the protocol runs the risks of affecting the work of the HCG in your body. The changes in the protocol will not make you lose as much weight as you should. There are also cases that it can be dangerous for your health. The original protocol has proven to result in the fastest amount of weight loss when followed correctly.

Is the work of HCG compromised in the modified protocol?

There are cases that the work of HCG is compromised. This can happen when the food you consume can interfere with the work of HCG. The modified protocol increases your calorie intake as well as the food choices. Take note that high-calorie intake may affect the effectiveness of the HCG in burning your body fats.  It is always better to follow the original protocol created by Dr. Simeons. The HCG is responsible for rapid weight loss. It curbs hunger, resets your metabolism, and suppresses your appetite.