HCG Diet


The HCG diet is careful on the daily intake of calories. The main goal of calorie control is making the body get used to food portioning. It will also help the HCG diet in shedding pounds. This article will guide each dieter to be an effective calorie eater. The whole thing will serve as the guide in eating and meal portioning. Even fruits and veggies have their own natural calories. However, the calories within these foods are lesser compared to other food choices. That is why; each dieter is encouraged to eat more on these kinds of foods.

The recommended serving for fruit does not go beyond two. These are usually done in Phase 2 or the VLCD. Each hcg dieter is also allowed to split the fruit portion into desired serving. However, in Phase 2, you have to be careful about the calorie counting of each food. Be watchful with the calorie even if you are eating healthy food choices. The HC diet fruits are loaded with health benefits. It does not just help in weight loss but also in maintaining health. These fruits are selected according to the health properties. Each fruit has various nutrients that are needed for the body even you are not on the HCG diet.

Fruits will help in regulating blood sugar and pressure levels. It has the right amount of fibers that are needed for digestion. It can also help in distributing nutrients all over the body. Fruits have the ability to increase the good bacteria in the stomach. One of the most effective fruits against cancer is apples. There are also fruits that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. There are some of the fruits that have cancer-fighting properties. They help the immune system and lower the cholesterol level. One example of the immune booster is the grapefruit.

Oranges are helpful and a source of vitamin C. It helps the body in preventing from getting obese or diabetic. There are also fruits that are antioxidants. Each dieter is encouraged to have at least one fruit serving in each meal. This will help in balancing the nutrition of the body. Most research has shown that fruits have anti-aging properties. It refreshes the body and maintains the immune system. The HCG diet food list has the complete list and guide for each fruits serving. See to it that each guide and process is followed. This will help you reach success in a short period of time.