The HCG diet is a weight loss plan combined with a very low-calorie intake. With the calorie restriction, you do not need extra activities to keep your energy. You cannot go for an intense workout like weightlifting. Keep your physical activity as light as possible during the second phase of the HCG diet.

What are the light activities you can incorporate during the HCG diet?

When you think of light exercise, you can do biking, walking, jogging, stretching, and yoga. You can also try home activities by doing household tasks. Avoid overlooking the light activities because some cases can lead to fatigue when you overdo them. Ensure that your workout does not overpower your energy levels during the VLCD.

Jumping rope is a fun activity that you can include on your HCG diet. Ensure that you have the power to do it. You can do jumping rope for ten to fifteen minutes three times per week. The best time to do it is every morning after your coffee.

Five reasons why you can include jumping rope on your HCG diet

  1. Better coordination of mind and body. Keeping track of your hands and feet can build coordination. It also improves balance. Your shoulder and chest also work by maintaining the motion of the rope steady.
  2. It burns calories. Jumping rope stimulates the muscles in both your upper and lower body. When you do it for ten minutes, you can burn excess calories from your body.
  3. Jumping rope is a simple apparatus. It is cheaper than buying gym equipment. Jumping rope is portable and light. You do not have o pay for a gym membership because you can do it at home.
  4. Healthy for your joints. Jumping rope is light than cycling. You only need small bounces from your feet and some leaps of your leg. It is less punishing than other intense activities. It improves the coordination of your joints to avoid injuries.
  5. It maintains bone density. When you reach the age of thirty-five, your bone density is degrading. Adding a light activity like jumping rope improves the mass density of your bone. It can help to tone your calves and tighten your core.

Jump rope can also improve your cardiovascular health. It maintains the flow of your blood and reduces stress levels. Skipping rope increases stamina and prevents fatigue. In some cases, it can help with mental health issues by improving brain alertness.

Can jumping rope help to trim down your belly fats?

No exercise is effective on its own. It only means that jumping rope cannot help you trim down belly fat. Although it can help you burn calories, you still need the HCG to help you lose fats. Make a diet plan to get rid of your belly fats. Exercise like skipping rope can assist your diet and achieve your goal on time.

Above anything else, you should put the HCG diet on top of your priority. Ensure that you are eating the right foods. Opt for natural and organic choices to burn excess calories.